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WWE News: The Rock's ex-wife reveals there is no legal agreement between him and WWE

Meet the woman behind the commercial success of the 'People's Champion'.

Dany Garcia has been instrumental in the Rock’s rise to the top of Hollywood

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is perhaps the most recognisable character in WWE and Hollywood. The Rock has carved a reputation that may even help him run for president one day. But there is a lady behind the success of Hollywood’s highest paid actor. Meet Dany Garcia. 

Dany Garcia is the Rock’s former wife and long time business partner. The Rock’s career has been meticulously managed by Dany. Right from his film choices to the transition to HBO’s hit series Ballers. She recently spoke to Newsweek and discussed her work with Seven Bucks Productions, The Rock, Vince McMahon and more. 

Garcia spoke highly of Vince McMahon. She owed a huge chunk of her success to Vince. Giving credit to Vince for her own skill set she said that Vince had taught her some of the most amazing lessons that she puts to use on a daily basis as far as issues such as taking care of the audience and being an audience-driven company were concerned. She said:

“He's helped raise the lion is how he looks at it."

She also shed light on the Rock’s working terms with the WWE. The Rock often makes special appearances in WWE programming despite his hectic schedule but Dany revealed that the two sides share no official legal agreement. She said that there was a paramount level of trust that they shared with Vince and it made things easier for the two parties.

"We have no legal agreements between us. With Vince McMahon we've always been able to shake hands. That's a very special relationship in this day and age, that we can operate with that level of trust."

Garcia also spoke of her and the Rock’s brainchild, The Seven Bucks Production. Since forming Seven Bucks four years ago, Garcia and Johnson have spread the company’s resources across a multitude of platforms ranging from movies, television, lifestyle. This May, they went digital with the creation of a YouTube channel fronted by The Rock.

Garcia also revealed an interesting piece of information when she said that in April, Garcia Companies had taken on a new client. This new client is none other than DC Cinematic Universe’s Superman,Henry Cavill. She looked excited to work with the star. After the success with Johnson, Garcia looked to position Cavill at the apex of the Hollywood wish list. It would be interesting to see if she can replicate the same with Cavill.

The Rock’s upcoming schedule is nothing less than a Christmas wish list. The Rock is currently involved in a number of popular projects that include Baywatch, Jumanji, Big Trouble in Little China and a DC Comics superhero movie, Shazam.

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