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WWE News: Roderick Strong to NXT reportedly a done deal

The inevitable is finally happening.

The man who was known as “Mr. ROH”

In July, “Mr. ROH” Roderick Strong finished up with Ring Of Honor after a 13-year stint, even giving a farewell to the crowd, telling them “You guys saw me come in as a child and leave as a man”.  Since his departure, there has been constant speculation of not if, but when he would be coming to NXT. If you are a fan of Strong, then rejoice, because the wait is almost over.

All Wrestling News issued a statement saying:

We can now confirm that Roderick has signed a deal with WWE and the company is waiting on the right time to debut him. As of this writing, we have received no indication on when exactly that may be, but we know he has signed and is expected to debut for the company”

Roderick Strong has not wrestled in just Ring Of Honor for 13 years, but also promotions such as PWG, TNA, Full Impact Pro and Pro Wrestling Noah, where he is recognized as a five-time world champion. 

Roderick Strong had made a brief cameo in WWE back in 2005 when he faced Kurt Angle during Angle’s "Kurt Angle Invitational" 

Roderick Strong will be reunited in NXT with his former tag team partner Austin Aries, who he teamed up with in both Ring Of Honor and in TNA. If he goes up to the main roster at some point, Seth Rollins would be able to avenge his loss against Strong, who defeated him in 2011 to capture the ROH World Championship. Not many know this, but Roderick Strong was trained by Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, who also happens to be WWE Superstar Natalya’s father. He is also the third longest reigning PWG World Champion, holding the title for a coveted 449 days. Only Kevin Owens and Adam Cole have held it longer.

What is interesting to note is that this is not the first time WWE have made an offer towards Strong. Strong told Jim Ross on The Ross Report that he was in the same training camp as Kevin Owens, which leads many to believe that he could have already been employed by WWE the past couple of years. After the camp, Strong turned WWE down. Unfortunately, he did not explain why he did so, simply saying “I’ve spoken with them, and there are details that I can’t really get into as to why it didn’t work out””

Are you excited to see Roderick Strong on NXT?

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