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WWE News: Role of Sasha and Bayley in the Charlotte-Dana Brooke program revealed

Becky Lynch may be even more glad now that she has been drafted to Smackdown Live.

Are these two horsewomen not on the level that the fans view them to be?

Dana Brooke got called up to the main roster not too long after Wrestlemania 32, where she aligned with Emma, reuniting the pair from NXT. They were scheduled to have a feud with Becky Lynch, however, Emma got injured, and Dana Brooke partnered with Charlotte at Extreme Rules. 

Sasha Banks returned from injury to WWE television after Money In The Bank and instantly started a feud with Charlotte. 

At Battleground, Sasha chose Bayley to be her mystery partner against Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Though this was Bayley’s first main roster appearance, this was not her debut. The Hugger would make her debut on the Raw after Summerslam, and while Sasha was anticipated to be injured for longer, Bayley instantly started a feud with Charlotte.

She even defeated Dana Brooke and Charlotte herself in a non-title match. Sasha Banks and Bayley are now scheduled to face Charlotte at Clash Of Champions for the Raw Women’s Championship in a Triple Threat Match.

What is interesting is Dana Brooke’s role in the whole story. While she has been portrayed as Charlotte’s submissive sidekick, they have been teasing dissension between the two for a while now. It was reported a couple of months ago that WWE officials view Dana Brooke as the “Female Roman Reigns” and are very high on her due to her look. This may come as bad news for fans of Sasha and Bayley, but according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they are just pawns in a larger story planned for Dana Brooke and Charlotte:

"The reason that they did this is...Bayley and Sasha are pretty much considered the minor characters in the Charlotte and Dana storyline, and they saw this as another idea where Dana would go in there, and say that because [Bayley and Sasha] both lost, then [Charlotte] shouldn't have to defend the championship...and because Dana says that it screws it up, and now [Charlotte] has to defend against both of them instead of one of them, making it worse. So, it's another layer of the Charlotte-Dana Brooke feud.

“They think [Dana's]'s gonna be this super babyface, and I don't know where they're seeing this."

Dana has been criticized for being too green in the ring and overall. Do you see Dana Brooke being a top babyface like WWE Officials are looking at her to be?

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