WWE News: Roman Reigns blasts an atheist on Twitter

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It seems like Roman Reigns is a man of faith
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What's the story?

A couple of days ago, Roman Reigns tweeted out his prayers and wishes to the people of Florida for their safety and survival through Hurricane Irma.

An Atheist Twitter account responded to Roman Reigns questioning God and the reason for a hurricane in the very first place.

Safe to say, The Big Dog was not happy with that comment. He made his feelings known with a vicious reply.

In case you didn't know...

Hurricane Irma is currently affecting the coastal state of Florida, and as a result, evacuation measures are underway. For someone like Roman Reigns, it must be even more personal because he is from Pensacola, Florida and his family lives there.

The WWE Performance Center is located in Orlando, Florida and there has presumably been evacuation of WWE superstars as well.

More importantly, the hurricane is currently weakening. It has weakened to category one as per reports, but things are still not safe. Our thoughts go out to the people of Florida for their safety and survival through Hurricane Irma.

The heart of the matter

Roman Reigns lashed out at the atheist for his comment, calling him a "Faithless fool":

It's quite surprising that someona as established as Reigns would lash out like that. Perhaps the comment regarding the hurricane struck the wrong chord with Roman, and he fired back as a result.

His fellow former Shield Brother Seth Rollins is an open atheist, so it was interesting to see just how religious Reigns is.

What's next?

Hopefully, Roman's family has been evacuated from Florida and we sincerely hope the people in the state stay safe.

As for The Big Dog in WWE, he is set to continue his feud with John Cena with over two weeks remaining until No Mercy. It will undoubtedly be one of the biggest matches of The Big Dog's career, despite having main evented 3 WrestleMania events in a row.

Author's Take

While it may be easy to get annoyed with Roman for not tolerating someone else's belief(or lack thereof), perhaps context is required here. It's unlike a lot of WWE superstars in the public eye to openly speak up about religious or political matters.

That being said, it's always good to respect each other's beliefs or non-beliefs, and it's something that definitely should have no role to play in wrestling.

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