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WWE News: Roman Reigns can't keep a straight face when Kevin Owens heckles a fan

Kevin Owens' trash talk puts a smile on Reigns' face.

It’s no secret that Kevin Owens is great at talking during matches, it even makes his opponents laugh!

A video on Twitter of a WWE Live event, where Roman Reigns can’t contain his laughter while in a chin lock as Kevin Owens heckles a fan, is taking the Internet by storm. The video was posted by a girl named Jessica (whose Twitter handle is @Jessberkowitz) earlier on Thursday morning.

The WWE had a live event in Brooklyn, NY on December 28th with Roman Reigns taking on Kevin Owens in a Champion versus Champion match to close the show.  While Owens has control over Reigns near the ropes, he starts talking smack to one of the fans in the crowd, about how much money is in their respective bank accounts.  

If you look closely, you can see Reigns laughing and even covering his face at the end of the video.

For those who watch Monday Night Raw on a regular basis, you know that Kevin Owens is one of the best in the business at talking smack DURING a match. Usually, his smack talk is directed towards his opponent, but this time a lucky fan was the recipient of a vocal jab from the WWE Universal Champion.

Some people think that the era of smartphones and social media are a bad thing because it may catch someone in a bad light at any particular moment. However, in this case, having smartphones and social media in our lives is a great thing because we get to see a hilarious moment that only a few would have witnessed if it wasn’t for the WWE fan Jessica.

As you can see from the fan-made video below, you can expect something funny from Kevin Owens at any time and at any place.

The Big Dog acknowledged the situation and responded to it

The Universal Champion retorted to Reigns' jab with the following tweet

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