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WWE News: Roode's 'Glorious' theme was intended for someone else

Akshay Bapat
1.21K   //    10 Oct 2016, 09:50 IST
Roode during his television debut on NXT

Bobby Roode began appearing on WWE NXT programming earlier this year. He was first shown standing in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: Dallas and later he made an appearance backstage with NXT General Manager William Regal, hinting that the Canadian was very close or had already signed with the WWE.

A week after, he made his unofficial debut at an NXT Live event during the developmental brand’s tour to the United Kingdom. Couple of months later, his official on-screen debut took place where he cut a promo running down the Full Sail crowd and stating that he was going to make NXT ‘a better place’.

Bobby Roode making his ‘Glorious’ entrance at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

He made his official in-ring debut at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II defeating Andrade Cien Almas. It was during this event that the entrance theme of Bobby Roode - Glorious Domination - caught fire.

Bobby Roode made a ‘Glorious’ entrance during the event and fans were truly left in awe belting out the lyrics of the song the minute the first ‘Glorious’ echoed through the big speakers. However, there was a distinct possibility that we might have seen a different superstar make his way to the ring to the tune of ‘Glorious Domination’.

Bobby Roode was recently interviewed before an NXT Live event in Norfolk, Virginia by RVA Mag and shared the story behind the entrance theme. He had the following to say:

"I had a song that was picked out that was different than the ‘Glorious Domination’ that everyone is familiar with now. Triple H came to me and said the song I chose originally really didn’t fit the character that he saw. We talked in great lengths about how I wanted to portray myself as a character.

I wanted to bring back the robes and wanted to kind of go back to the character I portrayed before. The ‘Glorious Domination’ song was created for someone else and it just happened to be there, not being used, and I got to listen to it.

It was obviously very different from the song I chose originally, but Triple H was a fan of it, I was a fan of it, Michael Hayes was a fan of it, a lot of people were fans of the song. I thought, ‘Hey, why not? Let’s give it a whirl.’ The song itself took off and delineated the entrance and character and everything.

That entrance at Brooklyn… obviously I had a lot of great creative minds helping me out there, but honestly, once I’m out there, I just kind of do my own thing. I just felt the music if that makes any sense and kind of just fell into my character. Everything just flowed.”

Bobby Roode was pleased with the reception he received from the NXT fans and was stunned by the electric crowd singing every single word of his entrance theme :

“It’s up there. Definitely up there. Obviously coming to WWE, you never know what to expect. I just wanted an opportunity, but it far exceeded what I ever expected. That entrance and the song and the people, over 15,000 singing along to every word of your song, the big reaction, the feeling was electric and it was a great night for me.

If you asked me today, it’s probably the best moment I’ve ever had. It’s almost like a feeling of acceptance. That was my debut in NXT and WWE too, and it couldn’t have gone any better.”

It’s hard to imagine hearing the theme music and seeing someone other than the Glorious One walk down the ramp. That’s how every theme music should be - unique. The second it echoes through the arena you know who is about to make his way to the ring and CFO$ have managed to do just that with ‘Glorious Domination’.

Shows you how much a good entrance music adds to the character and the overall presentation of a performer.

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