WWE News Roundup: 47-year-old former champion breaks his silence after being released, Eric Bischoff says 6-time world champion was "alcohol-fueled" and "desperate"

Former US Champion AJ Styles/Eric Bischoff
Former US Champion AJ Styles/Eric Bischoff

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE News Roundup, where we aim to bring you the biggest and most exciting stories from the world of sports entertainment.

In today's edition, we look at news revolving around top names like AJ Styles, Nigel McGuinness, and Hulk Hogan.

The Phenomenal AJ Styles has been out of action since he suffered an ankle injury during a live event on December 28th. While he won't need surgery, the former WWE Champion is expected to be out for a long time to heal his broken ankle. We will also take a look at what Eric Bischoff stated about Hulk Hogan.

#3. AJ Styles comments on his Royal Rumble debut

Best #RoyalRumble moment ever?@AJStylesOrg finally arrived in WWE on this day in 2016 as we celebrate 7️⃣ phenomenal years.

The Phenomenal One made his WWE debut in 2016 as a participant in the Royal Rumble match. He had made a major name for himself all over the globe, working in promotions like ROH, TNA, and NJPW. Speaking to BT Sport, Styles admitted that he was nervous ahead of his debut, thinking that fans wouldn't know who he is:

"I was scared a little bit that no one would know me. We were in the perfect place in Orlando, where I been for so long, where people would remember me. But it's WWE, who knows?"

Styles received a major pop when he made his way to the Royal Rumble match. He has since won the WWE Championship twice and has become one of the company's most dependable and sought-after superstars. Arguably his most significant achievement was facing The Undertaker in his last match.

#2. Eric Bischoff comments on Hulk Hogan's racist statements

Steve "Mongo" McMichael,Eric Bischoff and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan,back in 1995

Speaking to WSI, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff spoke about Hulk Hogan's controversial comments from 2008. Hogan was released in 2015 due to an audio clip of him using racist slurs being leaked. Bischoff admitted that his friend was wrong and had made mistakes, but he said that those comments don't define who he is as a person:

"In that period of time, he had a lapse of judgment and said things that aren't a reflection of who Hulk Hogan is at all," Bischoff said. "They're a reflection of a broken, overly medicated, alcohol-fueled, desperate person at the lowest point in his life. ''

Bischoff also asked all the critics who were vocal in bashing Hogan what they would do put in his shoes. While Hogan was released and removed from the Hall of Fame in 2015, he was re-instated three years later. Hogan returned to the company this week on RAW as part of the 30th anniversary of the red brand.

#1. Nigel McGuinness makes first public statement since WWE release

Appreciate all the kind wishes. Good year ahead.

Former NXT announcer Nigel McGuinness broke his silence after being released in October 2022. McGuinness had worked as an announcer for NXT as well as NXT UK. Before becoming a commentator in WWE, he had acquired a lot of fame as a top-tier wrestler, winning championships in ROH and TNA.

At the time of his release, McGuinness was the commentator of NXT Level Up along with Sudu Shah. Byron Saxton replaced the former ROH Champion on NXT Level Up. McGuiness took to Twitter to thank everybody for the well-wishes on his 47th birthday and said he has a good year ahead.

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