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WWE News: Ruby Riot's SmackDown debut wasn't her only career milestone that day

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This was a big day for Ruby Riot

What's the story?

Ruby Riot had a pretty big day on November 21st but it would have still been a special date on the calendar for her regardless. Not only did the Punk Rock Princess debut on SmackDown Live alongside Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, but she also made her video game debut as a downloadable character on WWE 2K18, being the first superstar in WWE history to achieve this.

In case you didn't know...

WWE's 2K video game franchise utilizes modern day technology to update the game even after you buy it. This is a nifty trick which allows video games companies to release patches, fix glitches, and even update your game's playable characters by downloading an update.

Gone are the days when you buy a cartridge and the game is already totally finished and that's all it will be until they pump out a sequel. Thanks to downloadable content uses can refresh their game as many times as the production company will allow.

The heart of the matter

As it turns out, Ruby Riot was set to be included in the updated package of downloadable characters on the 21st, little did 2K know this day would be incredibly timely.

When Ruby Riot showed up on SmackDown Live a lot of people were incredibly happy for her, especially the people over at 2K. But the people behind WWE's video game franchise swear they had no idea she would be debuting to coincide with her emergence on the video game.

What's next?

As Ruby Riot's career continues it's possible she'll be featured in many more WWE video games to come. Next time she might even be included in a WWE 2K video game's initial roster on the launch date.

Author's take

I'm not going to lie, out of all the amazing things that could happen out of happenstance, this is a pretty outstanding one. Ruby Riot's WWE main roster debut was a long time coming and so was her appearance in a video game. It's kind of crazy how everything can just work out sometimes.

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