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WWE News: Rusev busted open on Monday Night Raw this week

Rusev took quite the shot on Monday Night Raw during the 8-man tag...

Even the Bulgarian Brute is not immune from getting busted open from time to time...

What’s the story?

There was an eight man tag match on Monday Night Raw this week that pitted the New Day, Enzo, and Cass against Rusev, Jinder Mahal, Titus O’Neil, and Braun Strowman. During the match, Rusev would eat a big boot from Big Cass and would get knocked out of the ring as a result of it. The boot would end up busting Rusev’s nose.

In case you didn’t know...

Ever since the WWE went to a TV-PG rating for their programming, they have basically outlawed blood for the most part when something accidentally occurs. Though seeing blood on WWE television cannot be completely covered up, they do their best they can to not show it.

In this case, the doctors attended to Rusev immediately but since it was a short match, they decided to just keep him on the outside with Lana to tend to him to stop the bleeding.

The heart of the matter...

The WrestlingInc Instagram account posted the following photo from a reader who was in attendance at this week’s Monday Night Raw.

As you can see Rusev’s wife Lana is tending to him while he’s trying to stop the bleeding with a towel.

What’s next?

Nothing officially has come out from the WWE at the time of this article, but expect that it’s just a minor injury and Rusev will be okay for the Royal Rumble this Sunday. Stay with Sportskeeda this week for any updates regarding Rusev’s situation as they come out.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Accidents like this happen all of the time, but you could definitely tell Rusev wasn’t right after he took that shot from Big Cass.  Not sure if it was a cut around the forehead or a busted nose, but Rusev’s a tough man and he’ll be okay.  As much of a jokester as Rusev is, he’ll probably make Cass buy him a steak dinner or something.

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