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WWE News: Rusev calls out Brock Lesnar

It will be interesting to see Paul Heyman and Lana go at each other in the mic

This might be Brock’s reaction after hearing this news

Brock Lesnar has been making waves in the media world in the past few days. When it was officially announced that Brock Lesnar will be competing in UFC 200, fans all around the world rejoiced with the news. The news exploded the moment it was announced and is still making waves in social media.

Now, it looks like there is an interesting development in progress. Cagesideseats reports that WWE Superstar and current United States Champion, Rusev has called out Brock Lesnar for a match. Rusev took to his Twitter to tweet on the news and told that be would fight Brock Lesnar regardless of where he faced him, both in UFC and WWE. 

It is interesting to note that WWE has never allowed these two monsters to go head to head in the ring. Though there has been some matches between Brock and Rusev, it has all been in Live Events. Both Brock and Rusev have not met head to head in WWE programming and this might hint at a huge feud in works in the near future. And as far as UFC is concerned, Rusev has been trained in Muay Thai too. 

Brock Lesnar has been confirmed to appear in UFC 200 and WWE has also confirmed that Brock will appear in SummerSlam. Though Brock fighting a match soon after his UFC bout is highly unlikely, we can all expect a confrontation between Brock and Rusev in SummerSlam. In the upcoming weeks, we will get to know how this plays out.

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