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WWE News: Rusev and Lana's wedding date revealed

Wedding bells to toll soon in the WWE

The couple enjoying a match of Los Angeles Clippers

In this business of sports entertainment, rarely does a real life couple get projected as an on-screen couple. But this happened in the case of Rusev and Lana.

In the storyline, Lana was the portraying the role of Rusev’s manager and due to some differences they decided to part ways while in reality, they soon got engaged.

As the news of the engagement went viral on social media, the WWE decided to change the course of the storylines. Now, they had to declare that Rusev and Lana were back as a couple.

And the latest news filtering through on Allwrestlingnews.com, reveals the possible date of their marriage to be September 2, 2016.

In the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that Total Divas on E! may film the marriage of these two WWE Superstars and telecast it, in their upcoming series.

Previously, the Daniel Bryan – Brie Bella and Tyson Kidd – Natalya marriages were also telecasted on Total Divas. 

Rusev is now in his second reign as the WWE United States Champion after disposing of former champion Kalisto with ease.

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