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WWE News: Rusev reveals that '99.9% of the WWE roster feels overlooked'

Gary Cassidy
16 May 2019, 20:53 IST

Rusev has opened up about his lack of chances
Rusev has opened up about his lack of chances

What's the story?

While embarking on their UK tour, Rusev and Lana recently spoke with Express Sport about Rusev's lack of title opportunities, and how the majority of the Superstars feel overlooked.

The pair delivered some very open, candid statements about why their Rusev Day and Lana Day catchphrases haven't earned them opportunities for gold in the tell-all interview.

In case you didn't know…

Rusev exploded onto the WWE main roster after an incredible spell in NXT, where his dominance continued in a year-long undefeated streak where Rusev would represent Russia as he ran through the entire WWE roster.

The highlight of Rusev's career so far may very well be his war with John Cena, where a WrestleMania moment saw the Bulgarian Brute enter the arena in a tank!

Rusev is a three-time WWE United States Champion, but he's never held the main gold - more recently showing his comedy prowess and adopting the 'Rusev Day' moto to win over the WWE Universe.

The heart of the matter

In an interview with Express Sport, Rusev and Lana recently opened up about Rusev's lack of main title shots, with Lana praising her real-life partner.

I mean, Rusev should get more title opportunities. He should be champion, that’s just the bottom line. He’s been there six years and he’s had one title opportunity, I had three. I’m not the Super Athlete. My first singles match was for the title. There’s no question if Rusev should be champion. That’s just a given, it’s true, we all know that he’s the best and number one.

Rusev went on to state that he's not alone in feeling overlooked.

It’s not just us, 99.9 percent of the roster feels overlooked because we’re all so good and we’re all so passionate. Everybody wants to be a champion and everybody can be a champion because we’re that good. It’s just that there [are] only so many titles. You gotta find what sticks out, you gotta be different. It doesn’t matter if [we hear] Rusev Day or Lana Day chants or whatever it is, the most hyped thing doesn’t make you a champion. There’s so many moving parts to become a champion, it’s beyond my head. Only Vince McMahon knows these things.

What's next?

Rusev and Lana are currently on WWE Live's UK tour. Neither are scheduled to compete at Money In The Bank this weekend.

Would you like to see more of Rusev and Lana? Let us know in the comments.

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