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WWE News: Rusev takes a jibe at Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon

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Rusev is a former US Champion

What's the story?

Rusev was recently part of a Sporf video where he commented on the ratings of the WWE superstars in the WWE 2K18 video game.

Rusev especially commented on the fact that his rating was equal to that of the SmackDown GM-- Shane McMahon and he didn't seem pleased about it.

In case you didn't know...

Rusev, who is a former 2-time US Champion has been floundering in the mid-card ever since he split with his ex-manager and wife-- Lana.

Rusev debuted on the main roster in 2014 and then he went on to have an undefeated streak for a few months, capturing his first US Championship in the process, before it came to an end when he lost the Title to John Cena.

Rusev has not quite been able to reach such heights since and has remained a fixture in the mid-card. He was part of a stable called League of Nations where he did not play a prominent part and even though he managed to recapture the US Championship once again, he lost it to Roman Reigns soon.

Rusev has started to gain momentum as of late partly due to his cult following on social media.

The heart of the matter

WWE recently released the much-awaited video game WWE 2K18 in October this year. The game has a rating system where each superstar is assigned a rating. Rusev and Shane McMahon were both rated 84 which didn't please Rusev as Shane just wrestles a few times a year whereas Rusev is a full-time performer.

He commented on the ratings of other superstars such as Enzo Amore and Sheamus as well and it was hilarious.

Rusev also had some funny remarks about Vince McMahon and his rating in the game. Check out the video:


What's next?

It will be interesting to see if Shane or Vince will have a response to the jibes Rusev has taken.

Rusev, also mentioned in the interview that he was surprised Bobby Roode was rated higher than him. Considering both members are part of the SmackDown roster, it is quite possible we might see a Roode and Rusev feud emanate from these comments; Rusev might just get a chance to prove why he should be rated higher!

Author's take

Rusev is one of the funniest and most quick-witted WWE Superstars on social media and this video proves that.

Rusev has immense potential and it is sad to see that the WWE is not utilising him to the fullest.

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