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WWE News: Rusev takes a shot at the WWE World Cup on Twitter

Riju Dasgupta

Rusev was absolutely merciless towards the World Cup
Rusev was absolutely merciless towards the World Cup

What's the story?

We're only a few days removed from WWE Crown Jewel and the highly anticipated WWE World Cup tournament. As exciting as the tournament seems on paper, it has been the subject of the WWE Universe's ridicule, owing to the fact that every superstar is American.

Rusev is one of the most outspoken superstars on the WWE roster, and he aired his thoughts about the tournament through social media. He joined in on the party and had a little fun at WWE's expense.

In case you didn't know...

Rusev is of Bulgarian origin and would have been an ideal candidate to compete in the WWE World Cup tournament. Unfortunately for him, he lost his match at SmackDown 1000, owing to Aiden English's interference, and will no longer be a part of the proceedings.

The only international flavour in the tournament comes from Rey Mysterio, who's also essentially American. It is only his Latino roots which lends somewhat of an international vibe to his entry. Every other superstar in the tournament is American.

The heart of the matter

Rusev decided to go on Twitter, taking a shot at the WWE World Cup tournament now that he's not in it. He decided to bring up the point that every competitor in the tournament is American, and cracked the following joke which spread like wildfire on the internet:

Of course, this does not change the fact that every superstar in the World Cup is American, and a lot of them are established WWE Superstars who've had a long tenure with the company. It is unlikely the winner of this tournament will get any kind of long term reward that makes sense from a storyline perspective.

What's next?

Rusev has unfinished business with Aiden English going forward. Expect that storyline to play out on TV in coming weeks. The World Cup will proceed without Rusev.

Who do you think will win the WWE World Cup, dear readers? Let us know in the comments.

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