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WWE News: Ryback praises Big Show, calls him 'the greatest giant ever'

Soumik Datta
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Big Show

What’s the story?

In the recent episode of Ryback’s podcast, Conversations with the Big Guy, the former Intercontinental champion commented on the recent steel cage match between Big Show and Braun Strowman. Ryback also heaped praise on Big Show and called him the greatest ever giant in Professional Wrestling.

In case you didn’t know…

Two weeks ago on Raw, Strowman and Show completed their trilogy when they faced each other inside a steel cage. The match was quite fun and had some amazing spots as well, for two men who weighed over 300 pounds.

The heart of the matter

Ryback and his podcast co-host, Pat Buck, praised the steel cage match between Strowman and Show. The two men agreed on that Big Show was the ‘greatest giant ever’ to step foot in WWE and also claimed that he was the company's most loyal employee.

Show also received praise for the elbow drop he performed during the steel cage match. Ryback knows the fact that Show is in pretty bad shape and needs a hip surgery, so he thinks that this is the giant’s way of going out with a bang, for the time being.

The Big Guy also claimed that Show was one of the best workers to work with and it was never tough to lift up his massive frame for the Shell Shock (Ryback’s finisher).

What’s next?

Big Show is currently sidelined as he requires a hip surgery and fans are not sure if he will wrestle again. Show has been teasing a retirement for quite a few months but has not officially announced anything yet. If he is to come back for another run in the company, then it will be for a short period of time.

Author’s take

In my opinion, Show has taken a lot of huge bumps over the years and at the age of 45 should not be risking his body, considering his condition. That being said, Show could make one or two surprise returns for the company and could help elevate younger talent before eventually announcing his retirement.

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