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WWE News: Ryback reveals interesting story about his 'Feed Me More' catchphrases

The former WWE Star reveals the reason behind his award-winning chant

Ryback has been working as The Big Guy in independent circuit

In the third episode of 'The Big Guy's Origin Story' former WWE Superstar Ryan 'Ryback' Reeves revealed some interesting things about his famous catchphrases and Wade Barret, Thanks to wrestlinginc, below are some of the highlights from the podcast:

Talking about 2007 when Ryback was living in a complex apartment with Wade Barret who he joined in future while forming the group known as Nexus, the former WWE Star said that Wade did not have positive feeling about Reeves that time but the two became great friends later:

"Funny story about me and Wade is he thought I was like the biggest a**hole ever. I was just so miserable and negative. And he was like a new hire and he was coming in. And we didn't have computers and we'd both have to use the computer in the office there.

“And it was like, 'hey, how are you doing?' 'Good. How are you?' 'Good.' And, like, that was it and it wasn't until years later, in FCW, when we kind of were getting ready in the same area and he realized I was nothing like [that]. I was just in a really low point in my life. And we became great friends."

Revealing the story behind his famous 'Feed Me More' chant which won the Slammy Award for being the Crowd Chant of The Year in 2012, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion said that at that time he was working as a waiter in a restaurant and the dishwashers came up with the chant seeing the eating habits of "The Big Guy":

"I just always remember them looking at me, laughing, and that was actually… I told you where 'feed me more' [came from], is one of them, they always, they just started calling me 'feed me more' because I was always f--king eating. And I looked at them one day, and God, I don't remember who, and I just said, 'I'm going to use that someday because that is me.'"

Ryback was one of the 8 contestants who took part in the first season of NXT and made his main roster debut during the shocking debut of Nexus in June 2010. 

After the break-up of the Nexus, he was repacked as Ryback and was given a quick push upon in the early days of his new gimmick when he challenged the then WWE Champion CM Punk for his championship.

Although the Big Guy failed to capture the prestigious title and after his feud with Punk got over he was downgraded to mid cards and spend his rest of his WWE career there before finally being released in August this year.

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