WWE News: Samir Singh talks about his infamous table spot at Battleground PPV

WWE World Jinder Mahal with the Singh Brothers
WWE Champ Jinder Mahal with the Singh Brothers

What's the story?

The Singh Brothers recently guest-starred on Chris Jericho's 'Talk is Jericho' podcast, wherein they spoke about the crazy table-bump spot during the Battleground PPV.

Samir talked about getting people talking about the Singh Brothers after his bump on the announce desk. He also revealed that he'd suggested the bump to Randy Orton and that they'd rehearsed it in advance.

In case you didn't know...

The Singh Brothers aka The Bollywood Boyz made their splash onto the main roster as a part of the re-introduced Cruiserweight Division and its new show, 205 LIVE. The duo worked a few matches before pushed to play Jinder Mahal's aides.

After getting reassigned from 205 LIVE to work under Jinder Mahal as his henchmen, the Singh Brothers helped "The Modern Day Maharaja" to not only become the WWE World Champion, but also retain it during his subsequent title defences.

During one such title defence in a Punjabi Prison Match at WWE's Battleground PPV against Randy Orton, Samir Singh fell from the top of the Punjabi Prison crashing right onto an announce desk. The bump went on to become viral, thus providing The Singh Brothers with some much-needed notoriety.

The heart of the matter

Speaking on one of the riskiest bumps of his career, Samir Singh said:

"I'm alive and that's what counts. Yeah, it's funny I think that one bump went so viral, right? People were like, 'who are these guys?'"

Samir revealed that he'd suggested the bump to Orton and that they'd rehearsed the spot before-hand but from a lower height. He further admitted that he'd taken advice from Shawn Michaels a week before the PPV.

"He [Shawn Michaels] was like, 'as like a father-figure, I would say don't do it, but as a guy trying to make a name for himself,' he's like, 'I've done crazier things.'"

What's next?

As a part of Mahal's feud with AJ Styles, Samir unsuccessfully took on "The Phenomenal One" in a singles bout on this week's edition of SmackDown LIVE.

Author's Take

Although it was a very risky sequence, the spot made fans sit up and take notice of them. However, taking bumps like these in the future might not be in the best interest of the brothers.

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