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WWE News: Samoa Joe voiced the Juggernaut Arcana in DOTA2

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Samoa Joe voiced the Juggernaut Arcana in DOTA 2
Samoa Joe voiced the Juggernaut Arcana in DotA 2

What's the story?

WWE's Samoa Joe was out with an injury for a long time. He did not let his time go to waste though, as is evident from the recent Tweet. He took to Twitter to take credit for voicing the Juggernaut Arcana in the online game, Defense of the Ancients 2. He was included in the Call of the Bladeform Legacy expansion.

In case you didn't know...

'Defense of the Ancients 2', is an online free-to-play Multiplayer Battle Arena game. It is a stand-alone sequel to the community created Defense of the Ancients Warcraft III mod.

The game is a battle arena, where two teams of five players each defend their own base on a map. The first team to destroy the largest structure in the opposing team's base is declared the winner.

The heart of the matter

Valve Corporations, the developers and publishers of the DotA 2 game, credited Samoa Joe, for voicing the Juggernaut in the game. Samoa Joe took to Twitter to make it more of a public knowledge.

Joe sounded ferocious as the Juggernaut in the game and had a terrifying voice. While this is definitely different from Voice Acting if this is anything to go by Joe definitely has talent in his voice. WWE has helped several people to get into Hollywood, and there is no reason Samoa Joe cannot take advantage of his position there.

What's next?

While it is unknown if this will be Joe's only foray as a voiceover artist, he may take steps to get into Hollywood.

For now, though, he is back on Raw and has put the roster on notice with his return.

Author's take

Joe voicing the Juggernaut is genuinely terrifying. He can be vicious in the ring, as the WWE audience well know, and his voice is no less.

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