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WWE News: Santino Marella talks about CM Punk's UFC debut

Marella also gives his thoughts on the wrestlers that would be successful in MMA.

Santino feels that Punk joined the UFC a little too late

Former WWE superstar Santino Marella was recently interviewed by The HANNIBAL TV where he talked about CM Punk’s UFC debut, Brock Lesnar and which wrestlers he thinks would be successful in the UFC.

Speaking about CM Punk’s debacle in the UFC, Santino said that it was very unfortunate. Santino acknowledged the fact that CM Punk was a driven individual but pointed out that hard work and ambition could only go so far. Santino believed that Punk had started a bit too late for a career in the UFC.

“Yeah it was tough, you know, it was tough. He lost and he knows that if you work hard at something you're gonna become good at something –He’s like 'I love this, I'm gonna work really hard and become good at it,' but it takes a lot longer. You have to be -- you should've been a college wrestler, a national competitor at something, and I think that would've really helped his foundation. But he has some special abilities, like his stamina is insane, his technique is flexible, he definitely has the attributes that can be applied. Just a little case of too late maybe.”

On Brock Lesnar, Marella said that he loved Brock’s realistic style of wrestling that often made people question if it was getting too physical inside the ring. Commenting on Brock’s last MMA fight against Mark Hunt, he said that Brock was a monster and could go one on one against any living being on the planet.

Marella, however, was shocked to hear that Brock has been suspended by the UFC for failed the USADA drug tests.

The former two-time Intercontinental Champion said that Lesnar was pro wrestling’s saving grace in terms of reputation. He named some other WWE Superstars who he believed could have successful careers if they competed inside the Octagon.

“Yeah obviously, I mean Brock kind of saved our reputation. There's a lot of guys that could do really well there, I mean look at the guys - Swagger, an All American wrestler, other guys competed even like Kofi, John Morrison, these guys all wrestled in college. Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton were state champs growing up in their respective states. There is a lot of guys there that can go.”

Here is what he said about the Beast Incarnate:

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