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WWE News: Sasha Banks admits to real life rivalry with Alexa Bliss

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Rumours h
Rumours have been floating for
now that the two don't see eye to eye in real life.

What's the story?

For almost a year now, there have been rumours that Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss do not like each other in real life. In the wrestling business, the old adage 'where there's smoke there's fire' rings very true. And in a recent interview with Peter Rosenberg on Complex, Sasha basically confirmed all these rumours to be true.

While things like this were commonplace in wrestling back in the Attitude Era, these days it is really surprising to see two elite wrestlers having a real-life rivalry with each other.

In case you didn't know...

Both Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss got their start in the WWE on their development brand NXT before moving up to the main roster. Since then both of them have reached the pinnacle of the women's division on multiple occasions. While Sasha has won the world title on four occasions, Bliss is a five-time world champion in her own right.

Both of these women currently compete on WWE's flagship show, Raw. The two women were even involved in a high profile rivalry for the Raw Women's Championship last year.

They have
They have had a rivalry both in and out of the ring.

The heart of the matter

After months of rumours floating around of their apparent dislike for each other, Sasha Banks basically confirmed that she does not hold Bliss in the highest of regards as a wrestler. You can see in the video that she would take a number of subtle digs throughout the interview.


When the subject of her real-life rivalry with Bliss was brought up by Rosenberg, her instant reply was - 'I think I am really good at what I do.' This might very well be a dig at Alexa Bliss' apparent lack of wrestling ability. Later on, she would also go on to claim that she had no interest in working with Bliss in the future, although she would do so if told by the WWE.

Despite rumours of this real-life rivalry have been present for ages, it has never been made clear as to the reason why these two do not like each other. But it is important to point out that Bliss has gone on to have a much more successful career on the main roster than Sasha Banks despite her lack of wrestling experience when compared to 'The Boss'.

What's next?

These recent revelations should not have much impact on either woman's career. Both of them have established themselves on the main roster over the years and the WWE is not expected to have many problems with them not liking each other in real life.

In reality, both women have been extremely professional while working with each in the ring and that will not change in the future. Do not be surprised if the WWE actually end up using this opportunity to book a feud between the women, centred around their real-life rivalry.

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