WWE News: Sasha Banks confirms her marriage publicly for the first time, reason why she doesn't talk about it

Sasha Banks and Kid Mikaze got married on August 4th, 2016...

What’s the story?

Sasha Banks was recently on former WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia’s podcast “Making Their Way To The Ring”. On this particular episode, Sasha opened up for the very first time about her marriage to Sarath Ton, better known to the WWE Universe as Mikaze.

In case you didn’t know...

Mikaze was a professional wrestler, who is now making a living in the WWE as a costume designer. Banks and Mikaze got married on August 4th, 2016, and the ceremony was officiated by The Ascension’s Konnor. Mikaze is best known today from his several appearances on Xavier Wood’s YouTube Channel “Up Up Down Down”.

The heart of the matter...

The wedding has not been a secret to the hardcore wrestling fans, and the reason why Banks kept it a secret was due to some of the fans being very rude to her and Mikaze on Twitter. Some fans said that he’s too ugly for her and shouldn’t be with her because of various reasons.

Those comments hurt Banks and it was the biggest reason why she stayed mum about her relationship. 

Some of the fans were even dejected that they weren’t given an opportunity to woo The Boss. Banks shot it down and said they wouldn’t have stood a chance anyways.

“OK, you know what? Yes. I’ll tell you. You’re the first one I’ve admitted it to. I am married. I just hide it because our fans are so crazy sometimes, you know? Fans are just so crazy. I see what they write to him on Twitter, and I don’t like that stuff. If you’re saying he’s ugly, or he shouldn’t be with me because of this or that. That hurts me.”

What’s next?

Banks will be involved in a triple threat match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania on April 2nd.  The other two competitors in this match will be Charlotte Flair and Bayley (the current title holder).

Sportskeeda’s take

It is easy for someone to hide behind a keyboard and post rude comments. Sasha was completely in the right in keeping the marriage under wraps to avoid even more negative online reactions. Her personal life should be exactly that, personal.  

Unfortunately, we may never see the day when everyone online act in a respectable fashion. Hopefully, Sasha’s comments change a the jealous and hateful bunch of fans. 

One year after his passing, we at Sportskeeda paid tribute to our very own Road Warrior Animal here.

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