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WWE News: Sasha Banks discusses how she got her 'Boss' moniker, harsh realities of WWE

Riju Dasgupta
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Sasha Banks was outspoken about WWE's hard lifestyle
Sasha Banks was outspoken about WWE's hard lifestyle

What's the story?

Sasha Banks may be living her dream, but it's not an easy lifestyle. In an interview with The Hot Ones, she described her origin story, the interesting backstory behind 'The Legit Boss' moniker and also, politics in WWE.

You can check out the highly entertaining interview in the link above.

In case you didn't know...

Sasha Banks has always been one of the more outspoken performers in WWE. In an era where Superstars think twice before posting anything on social media or revealing anything in interviews, The Boss always speaks her mind, on extremely public platforms.

Remember how Sasha Banks ranted about Alexa Bliss on RAW Talk, almost breaking the fourth wall in the process of doing so? She was outspoken on yet another interview where she spoke about WWE's backstage politics.

The heart of the matter

Sasha Banks elaborated upon the realities of the wrestling business, during the interview (H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcript):

I feel at ease when I'm in that squared circle. The hardest reality is knowing that it's a lot of politics, a lot of grueling grueling traveling, which I didn't realize how hard that would be.

She also spoke about a happier topic - getting the 'Legit Boss' name:

When I was around him, his bodyguards would always call him 'boss', and I was like, 'That's kind of catchy. That's a good little nickname.' So I was like, 'Sasha Banks the Boss,' and then it turned to 'The Legit Boss.

What's next?

Last we saw Sasha Banks, she put on a great match with Asuka. We have a feeling she may be in the Women's Elimination Chamber match, as well. If so, she'll be creating history again.

Author's take

Because of the fact that you never know what she's going to reveal, Sasha Banks' interviews are always a lot of fun. She backs up everything by putting on a great show in the ring, and I guess that's what really matters.

All said and done, many years down the line, Banks will be remembered as a trendsetter in the Division.

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