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WWE News: Sasha Banks finally responds to rumors about leaving WWE

Rohit Nath
16 May 2019, 10:01 IST

Sasha Banks has been in the headlines for a while now
Sasha Banks has been in the headlines for a while now

What's the story?

Sasha Banks, the 4-time RAW Women's Champion and inaugural WWE Women's Tag Team Champion hasn't really been able to stay out of the news since WrestleMania 35 after rumours of a backstage breakdown emerged.

There were multiple reports since then stating that she was planning to request her release from WWE and while Banks has understandably avoided that topic, she finally responded to a fan on Twitter who asked her about leaving WWE

In case you didn't know...

Around WrestleMania 35 time, there was an alleged incident backstage featuring Sasha Banks, where she protested the decision to take the tag titles off her and Bayley. The reason for this was because she felt that they needed time to establish the titles as legitimate.

Overall, there were also rumours that there was dissatisfaction on her end from a creative perspective. The final nail in the coffin was when Banks had to cancel an appearance on a talk show, causing panic.

She cited the incident of cancelling her appearance as "personal reasons" and this was the exact reason WWE gave to her to take some time off. Since then, Bayley has been separated from Banks and moved over to SmackDown Live as part of the Superstar Shake-Up.

The heart of the matter

When a fan accused Sasha Banks of being "selfish" for leaving the company, Banks simply responded by asking "who said that?", implying that there wasn't ever any thought about leaving WWE in the first place.

When the fan responded, "the internet", Banks seemingly took it with a grain of salt and replied sarcastically.


It's good to see that Banks has finally spoken about the rumours, even if it was just a brief response. Either way, it's going to be interesting to see when she does return. Her return feels like it's needed for the Women's division.

What's next?

We can only assume at this point because we have no idea when she plans to return. Hopefully, it's sooner than later, and it means her getting back in singles title contention.

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