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WWE News: Sasha Banks reveals if she would ever work with Alexa Bliss again given their backstage heat

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Sasha Banks

What's the story?

While on Pete Rosenberg's show Open Late Sasha revealed if she would like to work with Alexa Bliss again or not, whilst noting that she felt her rivalry with Bliss was special as it felt that the two had some real heat.

In case you didn't know...

Sasha Banks had a long-running feud with Alexa Bliss in late 2017 and the two battled each other all across the globe.

It was speculated that the two Superstars had some real heat backstage and did not like each other. This had come to the forefront when Banks had cut an almost shoot promo on Alexa Bliss and called her out on her claim of being a lifelong WWE fan on an episode of RAW talk.

In 2017, while talking to Cheap heat podcast, Alexa had said the following regarding heat with Banks:

"I've always been the person to say 'business is business, personal is personal.' I will never let my personal feelings about somebody get in the way of business," Bliss said. "I want to have a productive match, I want to have a safe match, I want to have a great match; I want to take this company to the next level with our women with this Women's Revolution. I've seen the things she said about me. If that's how she feels, that's fine. But we know that we put it to the side and have a productive, professional match because that's what it's all about."

The heart of the matter

Here is what The Boss had to say when asked about working with Alexa Bliss:

Although when asked if she would want to work with Little Miss Bliss again, she said "not really", she further added:

"I think if they want to have me versus Alexa, then they can have that because I can do my job very well,"

What's next?

It is highly unlikely that the two former Women's Champions will be butting heads anytime soon as both are involved in separate programs as of now.


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