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WWE News: Sasha Banks shoots about WWE booking decisions

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Sasha Banks making her entrance as the Raw Women's Champion

What's the story?

Sasha Banks appeared on the Sam Robers Wrestling Podcast and shot from the hip about the booking decisions made by WWE Creative. She presented an internal view about the problems that the stars face while wrestling for WWE.

In case you didn't know...

Sasha Banks is one of the wrestlers who helped take the Women's revolution to a new level, as she paired off with Charlotte in several matches that broke the glass ceiling for women in WWE. She and Charlotte were also the first women to main event a WWE pay-per-view.

After Bayley was injured, Banks defeated AleBliss at Summerslam to become a four-time Women's Champion, only to lose it the next time she defended it. This interview was recorded prior to Summerslam, as she gave her views and criticised how WWE booked their wrestlers.

The heart of the matter

Sasha did not hold anything back, and she candidly answered the questions with her thoughts about the company.

When asked about Ellsworth getting the Money in the Bank for Carmella, she had this to say:

"Knowing our company, everyone was talking about it and that is what they wanted."

She also complained about how things were week to week, as there are so few long term plans revealed to them. Banks added that the talent in NXT knew about their long term plans and could contribute to them. She said:

"We kind of always knew where we were going, so it helped me prepare and think about it ahead of time about how can I make this better. But when I go to Raw, it's legit like I have no clue what I am doing so I don't even know what to prepare for. I get handed something and told something and am like 'okay, I have one hour to get... okay let's just do it.' Honestly, I wish we had the opportunity to know what we are doing in the next three months."

She confessed to being puzzled with the Raw booking and being as surprised as the fans. She talked about how her confidence got hurt really badly by the little time that she was allowed to hold the championship all three times.

"I don't know if it was something with me or they just want to keep on flipping flopping, I don't know!"

She talked about how she questioned herself for each time that they took the championship away from her after only two weeks, and she questioned her own ability as the reason they kept doing that.

She had to do PR in Australia as well during the Mae Young Classic, and she hated that as she wanted to be there for the wrestling.

"'How am I not a part of this?' I can't believe they booked it like that."

What's next?

After this interview, Sasha became a four time Women's Champion at Summerslam but lost it at Raw two weeks later. This was not something that Sasha will have taken well as during the interview she said,

"So for this match this upcoming Sunday I really just want to show that I can do it, and I have not won a match at the Barclays Center at a big pay-per-view either, so I just need to show to myself that I can do it and show to the company that I can do it. I really want to go down in history as the greatest Women's Champion of all time, as I am already going down as the greatest Women's wrestler."

Hopefully, Sasha will be able to get back in the title picture but it looks doubtful with Nia turning on Alexa, and that is the feud that they will follow through on.

Author's take

Sasha Banks is one of the best women's wrestlers of all time and she can carry anyone to a great match. Sasha went totally candid in revealing everything that she felt about the Company's booking decision.

The things she talked about are matters of legitimate concern with wrestlers not having any time to prepare for their storylines and may be one of the reasons that they seem so generic as they don't have time to customise the story to themselves.

Not carrying through with storylines hurt their confidence as well, and this might be one of the reasons wrestlers like Cody Rhodes left the company to try their luck elsewhere.

While addressing NXT she talked about the full disclosure there which may mean that things may be better for WWE when Triple H takes over the whole things as with Vince at the moment, things are overly controlled in the main roster.

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