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WWE News: Sasha Banks hints at interest to move to SmackDown

Will we see the Boss fight for the Championship on the blue brand?

Could we see Sasha Banks on SmackDown this year?

What’s the Story?

Raw Women’s wrestler Sasha Banks has once again expressed her interest in the SmackDown brand. She took to Instagram to discuss what seemed like moving on from something when she posted the following:

“Remember, for everything you have lost, you have gained something else. Without the dark, you would never see the stars.”

After that quote, she included a hashtag about the SmackDown Women’s Championship and “BL2017;” a hashtag that has yet to be explained but has been tweeted by several wrestlers including Eva Marie and Summer Rae.

In case you didn’t know...

Banks has expressed interest in going over to SmackDown after her feud with Charlotte Flair ended. Banks responded to a fan on twitter who said that she’ll regain the title at some point by saying that she hoped the title would be blue.

Banks was drafted to Monday Night Raw in the third round of the WWE Draft. She was involved in a long-term feud with Charlotte over the Raw Women’s Championship which came to end at Roadblock after months of back and forth with the title.

Banks is a three-time Raw Women’s Champion and a former NXT Champion. She was ranked #2 in the PWI Female 50 of 2016 and received praise from Rolling Stone and Pro Wrestling Illustrated for her feud with Bayley in NXT.

The heart of the matter

The Women’s Division on Raw is not strong right now and only focuses on Nia Jax, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Banks. If Banks were to be drafted to SmackDown, it would require a woman of equal or greater star power to help fill the void in the Women’s Division.

What’s next?

The draft lottery typically isn’t held until after WrestleMania, so Banks’ perceived desire to go over to SmackDown and win the SmackDown Women’s Championship isn’t a likely possibility at the moment.

Sportskeeda’s take

One of the biggest issues with the Banks-Flair feud is that it has made both women multi-time champions. This has ultimately resulted in Banks doing everything she’s set out to do on Raw from winning the Championship to main eventing Raws and pay-per-views.

So unless a big time women’s wrestler comes to Raw, there is no reason to keep Banks on the Raw brand.

If Banks were to be drafted to SmackDown and someone else traded or called up from NXT to fill her spot, then Banks could have some good matches with the women of the SmackDown Brand.

Now the only question is whether the WWE will even consider the move.

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