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WWE News: Sasha Banks opens about retirement and what she'd like to do after her WWE career

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Sasha has already started to think about her plans post-retirement
Sasha has already started to think about her plans post-retirement

What's the story?

Sasha Banks is one of the women who was at the forefront of the WWE Divas Revolution back in 2015. It seems that one of the reasons for this is that she's something of a perfectionist when it comes to her matches.

The former Women's Champion recently appeared on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast and was able to talk about her performance at Survivor Series last month as well as her plans after retirement.

Banks said, “If I go back, which is so hard for me to do sometimes because I’m my biggest critic, like I cringe, argh. Recently, I watched back Survivor Series and I hated everything I did because I don’t know if I didn’t believe what I was doing or if I was unsure.

Do know what I mean? Because, sometimes, your time gets cut and you’re like, ‘okay, how do I communicate to this person what I want to do? Will they know if I say this?’ I hate that. I hate that. I hate watching myself back.”

She added, “Sometimes I’m like, ‘I just want to retire and be a producer’. I really love creating matches, but then I see what they go through and I’m like, ‘I do not want to do that! I do not want to be yelled at or the stress of it all, but I really, really enjoy helping putting matches together.

But I think Bayley wants to be a trainer. She’s so good and patient, like, really good at explaining stuff and I like explaining what I think makes moments, so maybe we’d be a good team like that. But that’s a goal maybe. Or maybe I’ll just retire and sit on the couch the rest of my life and do nothing! Is that bad?”

In case you didn't know...

Banks is a former NXT Women's Champion who is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE right now. She was part of the Survivor Series women's elimination match at the event of the same name last month for the second year in a row. Even though her team won the match, she was eliminated early on.

The past few months haven't been the best for Banks after being the headliner for the Women's Division throughout 2016. It seems that with the women who have been called up to the main roster recently, The Boss is struggling to find her place on the Raw roster.

The heart of the matter

Banks recently appeared on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast named 'The Steve Austin Show' where she was able to open up candidly about what she thought about her performance at Survivor Series.

Banks also talked about what she wanted to do when she finally retired from wrestling full-time and it seems that she wants to remain as part of a team with her best friend Bayley.

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There are a number of WWE stars who have been able to make the switch into a backstage position after their in-ring retirement. However, there aren't many female wrestlers who have done it. There aren't any female wrestlers working as producers backstage right now, which means Banks is obviously looking to make history once again.

What's next?

Sasha may already be looking at the distant future. However, the 25-year old will be focusing on the coming weeks since she is about to make history with the rest of the Women's Division in January 28th when the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match takes place at Philadelphia.

Author's take

It's fantastic that Sasha is able to critique her matches and is unhappy when she doesn't perform to the best of her ability. The worst thing a wrestler can do is become complacent. Since one of the things that she enjoys is putting together matches, it could be something that will continue to improve throughout her career.

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