WWE News: Sasha Banks talks about travelling with her husband

Sasha Ba
Sarath Ton and Sasha Banks were married approximately a year ago

What's the story?

When you're a WWE Superstar, sometimes it's difficult to separate your private life and your life with WWE. For Sasha Banks, this poses an especially unique situation because she travels with her husband, who works as a WWE costume designer.

However, Banks treasures the chance to travel with her spouse and recently opened up about the subject in a video on WWE's Youtube channel.

In case you didn't know...

Sasha Banks might be The Boss on television, but she's also the wife of a fellow WWE employee. Banks' husband, Sarath Ton, is responsible for creating a lot of the ring gear we see on television every week.

The heart of the matter

The Boss recently opened up about travelling with her husband and how he got the job of creating the iconic ring gear that fans will see for years to come.

"It's very nice, I'm really fortunate. It's really crazy because we met in wrestling so we both started in the independents together and we worked for the same company down there. Then when I got signed to WWE he quit his job and moved to Tampa with me and we went to FCW. And I remember one year Triple H came to me and was like, 'I hear your husband makes costumes' and I was like 'yeah, he does.'"

After that, Sasha said Triple H offered her husband a tryout to make costumes for WrestleMania and he soon had a full-time job with WWE. In no time Sarath Ton was not only creating ring gear for his wife but also for Triple H, the Bella Twins, and various other wrestlers.

Banks said it's great being able to travel with her husband because she always has her best friend available whenever she needs someone to talk to.


What's next?

Sasha Banks will keep being The Boss and her husband will continue to create her outstanding ring gear. Sarath Ton met his wife as an independent wrestler and it looks like he found his niche in pro wrestling. He can translate his skills into a life-long career well past the time he might have been able to compete in the ring.

Author's take

Stories like this might be rare, but when they pop up they're great to see. Sasha Banks and her husband appear to have a great relationship grounded in pro wrestling which is what any strong relationship needs to be centred around, right?

They've found a way to make it work and it's great Sasha Banks was able to open up like she did in order to give fans a peek behind the curtain.

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