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WWE News: Scott Hall - "NXT would be a dream job"

Scott Hall opens up about his dream job to return to WWE and the process he has to undergo to achieve it.

Would The Bad Guy be a good addition to one of Wrestling’s hottest products?

Scott Hall got inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2014 as Razor Ramone. He is an absolute legend of the business leaving huge marks where he went, both in WWE and in WCW. In the last few years, he has been more on the infamous side as he has been battling his demons of addiction. He sought Diamond Dallas Page’s help as he had helped Jake “The Snake” Roberts overcome his severe addiction. However, Scott Hall has been known to relapse, and that has recently been seen in an episode last month where he was involved in a scuffle with an airport bartender. 

Hall did address the issue and thanked the fans for their support. Recently, Hall and his fellow former NWO member Kevin Nash were on Legends With JBL, and The Bad Guy spoke about his desire to get back to WWE, specifically down at NXT:

My dream job would be to be back in here. But I also realize, hey just getting clean – it needs to be a long series. I think the best thing I can do for me, is to show up places and be clear-headed. Because when I’m clear-headed my phone rings. I get opportunities. And now I can show up and not embarrass myself, or my friends that have been advocating for me. I’m not where I want to be, but I thank God that I’m not where I used to be. I’m okay, and I’m on my way.

After Dusty Rhodes passing, Hall would be the perfect legend to take over the promo classes that takes place in the Performance Center in Orlando. Right now it is not confirmed, but it is known that Triple H has been trying to get Shawn Michaels a full-time coaching role in the Performance Center. He may be helping in the promo classes as well. If Hall and Michaels are both helping young talent in their promos it will do wonders for those getting coached. 

Hall had made a trip to the Performance Center earlier last year and it was documented in the WWE Network show Breaking Ground. There, he spoke to the NXT talents such as Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews among others. He clearly had a good grip on interacting with the talent.

There is no doubt that Scott Hall has one of the greatest minds for the business. If he can truly overcome his demons, there will definitely be a door open for him to help the up and coming stars in the Performance Center

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