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WWE Video: Security guard gets caught in Roman Reigns' spear to Braun Strowman

Published Feb 28, 2017
Feb 28, 2017 IST
Wrong place, wrong time!

What’s the story?

This week’s RAW had the ever so predictable contract signing for the Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman match at Fastlane and no prizes for guessing what transpired. The chaos that broke out was expected, and unfortunately, a security guard got the taste of it all.

The guard couldn’t get out of the way at the right time and saw himself crashing through the barricade along with Strowman, as a result of Reigns’ spear. Here is the video of the main event segment. To save you from the trouble, the spot happened at 2:17:

In case you didn’t know....

Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman are all set to face each other at Fastlane this coming Sunday on 5th March. The contract signing on RAW was to facilitate one last brawl between The Monster Among Men and The Big Dog. 

The segment began with Strowman and Mick Foley having a heated exchange before Reigns’ music hit and all hell broke loose soon after. While Reigns got the better of the unstoppable monster at one point, Strowman ended the segment with the upper hand, albeit breaking the top rope of the ring.

While the course of the segment was blatantly obvious, it was action-packed and got a good reaction from the crowd.

The heart of the matter

We must give it to the guard for selling the impact to absolute perfection. You could clearly see how he realised he is at the wrong place and at the wrong time and prepared himself well for what was to follow. It added an air of authenticity to the chaotic spot and has invoked some epic reactions from the fans.

The banter in the comments section of the video posted above is surely worth a watch. It's better than how RAW was as a whole. 

What’s next?

As for the random guy who got caught up in all the action, his selling must have made the officials backstage proud. We bet he’ll ask for a different spot next time onwards. As for the men who didn’t give the poor soul the time to get out of the way in time, Reigns and Strowman are expected to have a solid match as they’ve been tearing the house down at recent house shows.


Sportskeeda’s take 

We must say that the whole security guard incident was the best part of the segment apart from the ring post giving in. It wasn’t planned it seems and as mentioned earlier, added to the mayhem.

Coming to the match in question, Reigns vs. Strowman is being looked for to no doubt, but having a contract signing for a non-title match on the go-home episode of RAW made no sense. They could have done the same for the Universal Championship match instead as it is the top storyline of RAW with Goldberg – who is the hottest babyface on the roster – getting physical before the PPV.

In any case, we hope Strowman decimates Reigns and looks strong heading into WrestleMania. However, looking at the way things are going, Reigns may beat the odds again and be the first man to pin the behemoth and go into his rumoured WrestleMania match against the Undertaker with all the momentum.

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