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WWE News: Shane McMahon mocks former WWE Champions with latest tweet

Published Jun 12, 2019
Jun 12, 2019 IST

Shane-O-Mac celebrates his win over Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown
Shane-O-Mac celebrates his win over Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown

What's the story?

As Shane McMahon inches ever further into becoming a second version of his father, he isn't letting his victims forget about his wins.

After The Miz had to run an unfair mini-gauntlet on SmackDown just in order to face McMahon again, the son of the WWE Chairman sent out a tweet mocking both Roman Reigns and the Miz.

In case you didn't know...

Shane and The Miz won the SmackDown Tag Team Titles but lost them in their first official defense. That set up McMahon to turn on the Miz and their ensuing match at WrestleMania 35.

The two had another match at Money in the Bank, and due to Roman Reigns punching Mr. McMahon on his first night on SmackDown, Shane has continually targeted both Miz and Reigns.

The heart of the matter

In true heel fashion, McMahon is letting his opponents know just how much better than them he is. His use of 'Best in the World' has been used at every turn and works with him being the son of a billionaire.

Even though he technically won the match with the Miz at WrestleMania, it was due to the fact that he fell on top of 'the A-Lister' after the two men fell off of a scaffold. And when he picked up his second win over Miz, he slipped out of his jersey and fell to the floor during a Steel Cage match to notch another win.

He did officially win both matches with 'the A-Lister' but not in dominant fashions. His match with Reigns at Super ShowDown was mainly one-sided in the favor of 'the Big Dog', but after interference from Drew McIntyre, Shane-O-Mac picked up another flukish win over another former WWE Champion.

Not only did McMahon rub more salt in the wounds of everyone by having a celebration for himself on Raw, but he also 'forced' the Miz to have a MizTV segment on SmackDown. During it, he mocked the fact that he had beaten both Reigns and Miz.

During the MizTV segment, 'the A-Lister' tired of McMahon's arrogance and challenged him to another match. McMahon agreed, but only if Miz could beat both Elias (he did) and later McIntyre (he did not) back-to-back.


Right after the loss to McIntyre, Shane agreed to a third match and quickly tapped out an exhausted Miz with a triangle choke. He continued his celebration with the following tweet.

What's next?

While it was strange for Reigns not to appear on SmackDown, he is facing McIntyre at Stomping Grounds. Because of that, the torment was shifted back to the Miz.

That likely means that the Miz and McMahon will have another match some time soon. The Miz needs a win over Shane because if he doesn't, he just looks foolish.

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