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WWE News: Shane McMahon reportedly made an interesting offer to take over WWE creative in 2012

New report sheds light on the bitter power struggle going on behind the curtains in WWE.

The sibling rivalry for control of the company is more bitter than most fans realize

In a recent development, Vice Sports has reported that there is a silent power struggle going on in the WWE currently. In the New Era, the WWE programming has been split between two brands.

Monday night RAW is the traditional flagship show with Stephanie McMahon as the commissioner and Mick Foley as the General Manager. While on the other hand, SmackDown Live claims to be the flagship show with Shane McMahon at the helm of things with Daniel Bryan as his deputy.

In the recent report, Vice Sports claimed that back in 2012, Shane had asked for a meeting with top officials in the WWE including the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Shane was accompanied by his close personal friend, and critically acclaimed author, James Frey. The events that transpired during this seem seem to be more intriguing. 

It is reported that Shane sought to take control over the company especially creative. Essentially a control over WWE creative would give Shane control over the content of WWE programming as hence control of the company. This proposal was met with  criticism from Triple H and Stephanie.

This meeting was arranged with the support of none other than Kevin Dunn. Dunn has been Vince’s right hand man for a better part of two decades and is a powerful man in the WWE brass. Hunter and Kevin Dunn have clashed on many occasions in the past regarding creative ideas for talent and Dunn openly favouring Shane had pitted Triple H against Shane O’Mac. 

Vince too put off the offer at that time. But with the falling ratings, Vince had to bring back Shane to inject some life into a dying product. The WWE Universe had become tired of the same old Authority angle and Shane’s return in fact, ushered in the New Era in the WWE.

In fact this tension between the McMahon siblings had been played on television very well a number of times. Shane claimed that Stephanie and Hunter were running the company into the ground and with the way things were going, the company would not survive in coming years.

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