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WWE News: Shawn Michaels explains that he has no desire to wrestle again

5.91K   //    14 Jan 2019, 04:40 IST

Shawn Michaels is perfectly fine with staying out of the ring at the moment.
Shawn Michaels is perfectly fine with staying out of the ring at the moment.

What's the story?

Shawn Michaels has been called 'Mr. WrestleMania' and the 'Heartbreak Kid' throughout his illustrious wrestling career.

While helping launch the new NXT UK Performance Center this weekend, Michaels spoke with SkySports about his career. reports via his interview with SkySports that Michaels said that he has 'no desire to wrestle again. Will he forgo a potentially huge match and payday at WrestleMania 35?

In case you missed it...

Michaels last wrestled in a tag team match with Triple H against The Undertaker and Kane at the Crown Jewel PPV last October.

DX won the main event in the end but Triple H tore a pectoral muscle during the match. Since the tag team match, Triple H has appeared on Raw, Smackdown and NXT UK, but Michaels has been largely absent from WWE programming.

It was thought that he might stick around for a big match at Wrestlemania 35, but HBK apparently felt otherwise.

The heart of the matter

Shawn Michaels is arguably one of the greatest superstars of all time. Had he felt he had more to accomplish, he likely wouldn't have agreed to a 'retirement' stipulation against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI.

While he was in the UK this past weekend for both the launch of the NXT UK Performance Center opening as well as NXT UK: Takeover Blackpool, Michaels let the world know via an interview with SkySports that he was done as an in-ring competitor.

“They forced me,” Michaels said. “No, it (Crown Jewel match) was a really special thing, and I really felt that one for a while. I’m good with what I’ve done.” He continued, “I no longer want to do it any more.”

Michaels has transitioned to being a coach at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando rather than gracing the screens every Monday or Tuesday night.

“The only thing better than having your own WrestleMania moment is watching and helping someone with theirs,” he said. “We had our time, we know the potential of so many of these men and women and we know the joy they can have and we want to pass it on.”

Recovery time after matches is a lot longer for wrestlers over 50, as evidenced by the sporadic appearances of Triple H and the Undertaker during the year.

What's next?

Although Michaels has said he doesn't want to wrestle any more, you never know what might coax him back into a WWE ring. Fans will welcome him back no matter what role he is playing. The Royal Rumble might be enticing for him since he could have a short yet memorable run in that match. He might even change his mind as Wrestlemania approaches.

Whatever HBK decides, it's ultimately his decision. He's given more than enough of his body and time to the business, and if he now wishes to simply be a coach at the Performance Center, then all the power to him. 

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