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WWE News: Samoa Joe reacts to Shawn Michaels' praise for him via Twitter

Is HBK playing the what if game, or is he foreshadowing a return?

The Samoan Submission machine concurs with HBK’s thoughts

What’s the story?

WrestlingNews.co recently reported an interview that ESPN had with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels where he had some high praise for Samoa Joe. Michaels said that the story they would tell in the ring would be an amazing one and he further explained with this quote:

“I look at Samoa Joe, and I’ve told him a number of times that I see his stuff at NXT and think to myself, ‘Man, I could have a great deal of fun with you.’ He’s a guy I have sort of enjoyed, and one of those sleeper guys that no one talks about. We have contrasting styles. From my standpoint, I think really telling a great story out there [is most important]. I could do it with a guy like Samoa Joe. His stuff looks really good, and sometimes he just looks like he’s beating the tar out of somebody.”

In case you didn’t know...

Shawn Michaels retired in 2010 after a loss to the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI. The main reason for his retirement was the fact that he wanted to spend time with his son as he grew up. A backstage employee had told Michaels that his son was “halfway gone” at age 9, and that affected him greatly and he decided to hang it up.

The heart of the matter...

Samoa Joe would respond to HBk’s comments via Twitter with this tweet:

Joe is clearly in agreement that they would tear the roof of the arena with this dream match. It is definitely a WrestleMania worthy match-up that can only happen on WWE 2K16 currently. As they say in the wrestling world, “never say never”.

What’s next?

For Samoa Joe, the Royal Rumble seems a lock for his main roster debut. He could show up on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live’s go-home shows leading up to next week’s pay per view too. As for Shawn Michaels, there aren’t any indications that he’s going to make a return to the ring anytime soon. He revealed in an interview that the only way he returns to the ring if he was to go broke.

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Sportskeeda’s Take

If you remember WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Shawn Michaels came out in his wrestling gear and looked phenomenal when he helped Steve Austin and Mick Foley take on the League of Nations. The way Michaels looked in his wrestling gear last April got the world buzzing on if he’s going to make a comeback.

At age 51, it’s anyone’s guess if Michaels would have “one more match”, but to be honest you can’t completely rule it out either. As long as Michaels is healthy enough to compete in the ring, that “one more match” could come when we least expect it.

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