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WWE News: Shawn Michaels reveals whose idea the ‘Sweet Chin Music’ was, Performance Center

'The Headliner' claimed he will only join the WWE PC if he has enough time to do so.

‘Sweet Chin Music’ went on to become Michaels’ identity over the years

What’s the story?

Legendary WWE superstar Shawn Michaels recently appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where he revealed who gave him the idea for using his ‘Superkick’ as a finishing move and also spoke about the status of his deal with the WWE as a trainer in their Performance Center.

In case you didn’t know…

Despite having retired from in-ring competition in 2010, Michaels has continued his association with the WWE and took up the role of an ambassador for the company in 2012. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ keeps on making appearances on different WWE shows from time to time and was last seen as a member of the pre-show panel at Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

The heart of the matter

According to Shawn Michaels, he was using a different finishing move when WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson suggested to him that his kick made more impact and he should use it as a finisher. ‘The Icon’ took the advice and kept working on it to come up with what is now famously known as ‘Sweet Chin Music’. Here’s what Michaels had to say:

“When I first went single's I was trying to use what I later heard was called a teardrop suplex. I just used the double-underhook and crotched a guy and suplex him. So I was using that one and Pat Patterson came to me one day. He said, 'I like it, but that kick, the kick is actually more impactful than the suplex. What do you think about using that one?'

And I was still new as a single's [competitor]. I said, 'sure! Heck, I'm just trying anything.' And so we did that, and then, it just sort of kept going. And then, whatever, you start adding some more flair to it. And all of a sudden, eventually, one day, it begins to take on this life of its own.”

On the possibility of him signing up with the WWE Performance Center, ‘The Showstopper’ said that it will boil down to whether he has enough time for it and also ensuring that there is a certain amount of consistency. However, Michaels reckoned that things are being worked out and it is just a matter of time before he takes up the mantle of a trainer. He stated:

“I think, honestly, all of it is, one, getting the time, having the time in my schedule because I have just been busy here and there and figuring out what I can do, what I can offer, and then, because the most important thing, I think, and I know Hunter agrees, is consistency.

I just don't want to get outside of my wheelhouse and negatively affect them. So we've got to find a thing that works for all of us and that's sort of where we're at with that. I think it's going to happen. It's just a matter of time and working out all the kinks and stuff.”

Sportskeeda’s Take

With Triple H already taking care of business in NXT, the inclusion of his best friend Shawn Michaels as a trainer in the WWE Performance Center will only make things better for the company’s upcoming talent.

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