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WWE News: Shawn Michaels talks impact of drugs and alcohol on his life, how his wife and religion helped him change

According to 'The Icon', his life has not been the same ever since he regained his religious faith.

Michaels feels drugs and alcohol made him think he could do anything he wanted to

In a recent interview with the WWE, Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels opened up about how drugs and alcohol adversely affected his career as well as his personal life. He also spoke about when he realised that he needed to change and how his wife and religion helped him get back on track.

Speaking of his ‘heel’ turn in the early 1990s, he claimed that it brought out a side of him where he thought he could do anything that he felt like. Michaels revealed that relying on drugs and alcohol was the only way for him to get over his shy nature and develop a whole new persona.

‘The Heartbreak Kid’ was quoted as saying:

“As I turned into a heel, and I began to go on this journey of who this character or this gimmick would be, it just continued to grow – and certainly unleashed in me this side where I could just go out there and do absolutely anything… but it came out through, honestly, through drugs and alcohol. It was the only way that I had the ability to show any type of personality other than the shy, quiet kid [I was].”

During the conversation, Shawn Michaels told that he came to know just six weeks after his marriage to Rebecca Curci that she was pregnant and also how his wife had now begun to learn more about his reckless lifestyle. At this point, it struck Michaels for the first time that he needed to change himself. This is what the ‘The Showstopper’ said:

“As if the marriage [to Rebecca Curci] didn’t happen fast enough, six weeks after we’re married, we find out she’s pregnant. And now by this time, she’s realized that the little partying she saw me doing is not some little thing, like he does that every day. In my mind, I’m thinking to myself ‘I’ve got nine months to clean up’. The baby is born, [and] on many levels I can grasp that it’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, but I still don’t have the ability to turn into this man that I need to become.”

Michaels spoke about his early years of marriage and how his wife was always strong in terms of her religious faith. He also praised her for not trying to force anything on him and being an unbelievable mother and wife while he was still trying to be a good husband.

“She’s continually going to Bible study and she’s just changing…I don’t know there’s something about her that’s always going on. She’s not pushing me anymore towards anything, she’s just an unbelievable Mom, an unbelievable wife. And I’m yearning to be a better husband for her,” said the 2-time Royal Rumble winner.

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Shawn reminisced his life-changing Bible study experience which helped him regain his religious faith and get his life back on track. The legendary WWE superstar claimed that he has not even touched a drug since that day. Here’s what Michaels had to say:

“Lo and behold, one day I found myself in the parking lot for Cornerstone Church. I’m drawn to this place, I know that the good Lord is trying to tell me something and I know it’s in that big building. And I say, look, I’m looking for a Bible study. The lady looks at me and I think at first she thinks I’m going to rob the place. This gentleman sticks his head out of the office, he says you can come to mine, Wednesday night 7’o’ clock.”

‘The Headliner’ added:

“I remember him telling me that ‘Look, Shawn, to be part of this Bible study, you’ve got to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, would you like that?’ and I said ‘I think I would’. He leads me into serious prayer and I just weep like a baby, this feeling comes out of me, it’s like it’s over. They recite with me and I mean, my life has never been the same and you know, I’ve never touched another drug.”

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