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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Reason why Cesaro's singles push is being delayed has been revealed

Alex Ferns
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Why has The Bar not dented yet?

What's the story?

According to, it is being speculated that there is actually a reason behind Cesaro still being in a tag team with Sheamus and not being pushed as a singles star yet.

Apparently, The Bar are being kept together as Sheamus' injury (spinal stenosis) could prevent him from wrestling again as a singles star, and tag-team wrestling could be the only way to 'prolong his career'.

In case you didn't know...

Sheamus and Cesaro began tag-teaming together back in late September 2016 due to strong encouragement from the then RAW GM Mick Foley.

At first the two did not get along (as they had been feuding with each other for months prior), but eventually, the two started flourishing together and soon they were convincingly winning matches.

Soon, The Bar would become Tag Team Champions in December of 2016, and now a year later in December 2017, they are 3-time RAW Tag Team Champions, just losing the titles in the main event of the last RAW of this year to Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan.

The Bar have been a real success together, and the WWE Universe has almost forgotten that Sheamus and Cesaro were singles wrestlers before this.

The heart of the matter

Spinal stenosis is a really bad injury to have, so, unfortunately, Sheamus must not have a lot left in him in WWE.

Although it is disappointing that Cesaro's singles' career is being put on the pause button for the sake of Sheamus, it is good news that the reason WWE is not pushing him is not that they don't believe in him, which has been the case previously.

Cesaro is one of the best wrestlers on WWE's roster and should be treated as such when The Bar go their separate ways and Sheamus lets his injury heal.

What's next?

It sounds like whenever Sheamus decides he needs to recover from his spinal injury, WWE will be ready to make Cesaro one of their top singles stars.

We could see WWE moving him to SmackDown, where more Superstars are needed and are more likely to make waves.

The Swiss Superman could be stifled if kept on RAW.

Author's take

As a fellow Irishman, I am devastated to hear that Sheamus is dealing with some serious injuries at the moment that could put an end to his illustrious career.

The fact that WWE is trying to help The Celtic Warrior by having him wrestle in a tag-team instead of on his own is a clever idea, but how long it will keep him going is unknown.

The Bar have been one of the best tag-teams in recent years, from their beginning till now, they have been so organically built, and Sheamus and Cesaro's hard-hitting have seen them put on five-star matches with anyone from The New Day to The Shield.

However, I would love to see WWE put Cesaro in the higher-mid card once The Bar finishes.

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