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Indie News: Sid blames Donald Trump for missing indie show, Swoggle fills in and wins championship

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This is kind of a funny story

What's the story?

Sid Vicious has pulled a lot of antics in his time. He has given more than a few confusing promos, but his in-ring work has always been entertaining and his character is certainly fascinating so he gets points for that. But he recently cancelled an event in Cleveland and blamed Donald Trump's travel ban in the process. But it turned out okay for the AIW show because Swoggle was able to fill in and in the process, he picked up a new piece of championship hardware.

In case you didn't know...

Absolute Intense Wrestling sent out a statement on Facebook after Sid Vicious cancelled his booking while stating that Trump's travel ban restrictions wouldn't let him travel from state-to-state within the United States because he had an unpaid speeding ticket.

Just for the record, a passport is not required to travel from state-to-state within the United States. There are several people who work in a different state that they actually live in. Those people usually have to pay two different state taxes, but there is no such travel ban within the United States. Wither Sid needs to start informing himself about the US the travel ban restriction or there's someone out there who still can't believe Sid believed them when they told the former WWE Champion a total fabrication.

In case you were wondering, Sid's excuse via a phone call was recorded for future use by the AIW guys.

Heart of the matter

It looks like AIW found a suitable replacement for the big man Sid when they called Hornswoggle. But the former Raw Anonymous General Manager didn't let size get him down because Swoggle teamed with Pretty Boy Smooth at the show to pick up the AIW Tag Team Championships.

All in all, it turned out to be quite a successful event and if anything AIW got some free promotion out of the deal as well so everybody turned out okay in the end.


What's next?

It's always moving forward in pro wrestling with no time to go back so Sid needs to live up to this happening and he could always take full advantage of it too. Sid could even capitalize on this event as well by taking on speaking engagements where he discusses his views on US Politics and the current administration's policies.

Author's take

It's great to see Swoggle getting so much work after his run with WWE. But if he keeps it up, who knows if we'll be seeing him pop back up in WWE? After all, with a run like he had with the company and taking part in so many great stories, it could be logical to draw a conclusion that he could very well be on his way to a WWE Hall Of Fame induction someday. If they induct Sid and Swoggle in the same class, that would afford a great opportunity to retell this story.

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