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WWE News: Teddy Long beats Stephanie hands down for the post of SmackDown GM as fan favourite

Teddy Long the frontrunner to run SmackDown?

SmackDown will go live after brand split

The longest reigning general manager in the history of SmackDown, Teddy Long made a surprise return during last week’s episode of Raw. He interrupted a brawl between Money in the Bank participants and requested another run as the General Manager of SmackDown after the brand split. His ideas were shot down by Stephanie McMahon, who interrupted him and turned him down.

WWE has set up a new poll to find out who the fans would want to see run the Tuesday night show. So far, Teddy Long is in the lead with 35% of the votes, with Paul Heyman right behind him with 22%, followed by Kurt Angle with 21%, then the former Heavyweight Champion Booker T with 8% votes. Stephnie McMahon tied a spot with Vickie Guerrero, with 6% votes. And John Laurinaitis is at the bottom with only 2% votes.

It’s unlikely to see Teddy Long granted another run as the GM as WWE would likely go with either Shane or Stephanie. This might be WWE’s idea of marketing the brand split. Stephanie has previously been the GM of SmackDown but can she hold up the brand together or will Shane be the one to run the show. Either way, fans can expect a possible rivalry between the two brands.

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