WWE News: SmackDown LIVE star turns heel at WWE Live event

Is the 'Perfect 10' turning heel again?
Is the 'Perfect 10' turning heel again?

What's the story?

Tye Dillinger has been a babyface ever since he was called up to WWE SmackDown LIVE. This was despite him being a heel when he was in NXT. However, his 'Perfect 10' gimmick got him so over that a babyface transition seemed logical. The Superstar seems to have reverted back to his heelish ways at a recent WWE Live event.

In case you didn't know...

Dillinger's biggest moment on the main roster to date was when he earned himself a spot in the United States title match at Hell in a Cell by beating champion Baron Corbin clean on the previous episode of SmackDown. However, Dillinger lost the match when AJ Styles hit him with a 'Phenomenal Forearm' before Baron Corbin stole the pin.

The heart of the matter

It looked like Tye was going to get a mid-card face push following that moment at Hell in a Cell, but now it seems that the WWE have other plans for him following the video they released on their WWE Instagram Story.

In the video, you can see Sin Cara and Dillinger shaking hands before their match, but then Tye Dillinger cheap-shots him. It is being reported that Dillinger wrestled the entire match as a heel.

What's next?

This isn't the first time the WWE have tested the waters with a heel Tye Dillinger, as the 'Perfect 10' was involved in a match against the heel Rusev at a Live Event in Raleigh where the two Superstars seemed to double turn, with Rusev as a face and Dillinger as a heel. However, the WWE didn't openly acknowledge that one.

The fact they have now could indicate they're more serious with their plans to turn Tye into a bad guy.

Author's take

SmackDown LIVE seems to have a big problem with keeping it's babyfaces on the straight and narrow. My only guess is that it has something to do with the tyrannical rule of Shane McMahon.