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WWE News: Spike Dudley once asked Vince McMahon for marijuana

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Bubba Ray Dudley’s story is featured on the WWE Network’s animated series ‘WWE Story Time’.  
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Modified 08 Mar 2017, 02:23 IST

What’s the story?

Vince McMahon stories are always fun and if one is to believe Bubba Ray Dudley, the forgotten Dudley aka Spike Dudley once asked the WWE Chairman for some marijuana over the phone at 3 AM.

Bubba revealed that himself, Spike, Tommy Dreamer and Shane McMahon were on the road driving in the dead of the night when all of a sudden, Shane O’Mac decided to “Call his Pop”. Bad idea Shane!

He then proceeded to hand the cell-phone to Bubba, who was petrified of speaking to the Boss. Shane then handed over the phone to Spike Dudley, who Bubba claims, was either drunk or high at the time.

Bubba stated that an inebriated Spike was under the illusion that the rest of the guys were pranking him, and was less than respectful to the boss, to say the least.  

The rest of the incident as narrated by Bubba goes like this- 

“So Spike goes “Hey Vinnie Mac, you got any kind buds?” And Vince goes “Hello Spike”. Spike threw the cell-phone up against the windshield, it shattered and we just kept on driving.The fact that we woke up billionaire Vince McMahon at 3 in the morning is pretty funny.” 

Most of you who follow the WWE’s animated series on the WWE Network may recall this incident as an episode featured in the series. That reel-life episode did, in fact, take place for real. Here’s a glimpse of the animated episode:



In case you didn’t know...

Spike Dudley (real name- Matthew Jonathan Hyson) is a former ECW and WWE tag-team champion and has also held the WWE European, Cruiserweight and Hardcore titles. On the other hand, Bubba Ray Dudley (real name- Mark LoMonaco) is a WCW, ECW, IWGP, TNA and WWE tag-team champion, having also held the WWE Hardcore title (8x).

The heart of the matter

Shane McMahon’s spur-of-the-moment phone call on a night drive and the hilarity that ensued is the craziest Vince McMahon story, according to Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba couldn’t hold back his laughter while narrating the crazy Vinnie Mac incident to TMZ.

Here’s the video featuring a hysterical Bubba spilling the beans on Spike’s 3 AM goof-up with Mr McMahon:



Asking your boss for the Mary Jane isn’t a great idea. However, Spike inexplicably escaped unscathed and would go on to work for the WWE till 2005, after which he was released from the organisation.

Despite being pleaded not to dial his father by Bubba, Shane called up his Pop and the result – a hilarious sequence of events that would end in a cracked windshield and a terrified Spike Dudley. 

What’s next?

While Spike has been retired from the pro-wrestling business since 2013, Bubba is currently performing for ROH (Ring Of Honor) where he seems to be on a collision path with The Bullet Club, whilst siding with the Briscoe Brothers. 

Sportskeeda’s take

If Bubba is to be believed, Spike really goofed up by asking his boss for the ‘you-know-what’, who by the way, is known for being one of the world’s most notorious billionaires and ruthless bosses.

Nevertheless, the incident seems to have taken place years ago and Vince McMahon does have a wicked sense of humour. Besides, as long as you’re making him the green, Vinnie Mac doesn’t care if you’re in love with the other green. 

Get that green folks and stay tuned in for more crazy Vincent K. McMahon tales!

Published 08 Mar 2017, 02:14 IST
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