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Sportskeeda's take on the rumored Braun Strowman/Brock Lesnar finish at No Mercy

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Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar
Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar

What's the story?

We're in that period before a WWE PPV - especially one with a major world title match included - that rumors, backstage gossip, and out-and-out speculation come to the forefront of discussion.

This month's No Mercy - featuring WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar defending his title against Braun Strowman.

The guys over at Ringside News just recently posted that they've got some backstage news about the upcoming title match. Let's take a look at everything here, shall we?

In case you didn't know...

Because of his limited schedule, any time Brock Lesnar defends a world championship, it's an event. However, it's also a guessing game, and more so than your normal title match.

Taking into account how many days is left on his contract, if he's going to sign another one, is he going to try to go back to MMA again - All of these questions have to be considered when a Lesnar title match comes up.

It was uncharted territory when Lesnar defeated John Cena for the world championship at SummerSlam 2014 - especially as WrestleMania 31 creeped closer. While Lesnar would eventually resign seemingly at the last minute Seth Rollins walked out of the event with the championship, and WWE came up with a suspension angle the next night to write off his long absence.

The heart of the matter

Which brings us to the Lesnar/Strowman match at No Mercy this month. According to the rumored finish from RSN, the original plan was to have Brock retain the title via DQ - therefore letting Lesnar keep the title while keeping the momentum going for Strowman.

However, Paul Heyman also has significant influence over the outcome of the match. Since, to Heyman, every Lesnar Match is a big match, Heyman's not going to want a big match to end like that.

What's next?

So, the real question here is - outside of a DQ or count-out, how do you keep the title on Lesnar while keeping Strowman looking strong at the same time?


That's up for WWE to figure out but, for the moment, whatever they decide to do, it's looking like Brock's keeping the strap at the end of the show.

Author's take

The thing about a WWE match is that the planned outcome can change right up until the last minute. In fact, it can even change during the match. Eventually, it all comes down to what Vince McMahon decides.

That being said, having a desperate Lesnar cheat in a massive way to get the pinfall victory could get the job done - and set up a pretty profitable rematch down the line.

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