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WWE News: State of Kentucky looks to bring back live WWE events

Will a new Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission open the door for WWE live events to return?

New regulations will allow WWE events to come back to the State of Kentucky

It looks like the state of Kentucky wants to get back in the wrestling business. A report by Bill Pritchard of wrestlezone.com states that Inside Louisville has a new article looking at new regulations introduced by the new Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission, as part of the ‘Red Tape Reduction Initiative’ to hopefully bring more events back to Kentucky.

The move would certainly be a boon for WWE and its fans in the Bluegrass State. The commission was created to replace the old Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority, and help to get rid of “unnecessary” boxing and wrestling regulations.

Under the old guidelines, there were rules enacted to end fights or wrestling matches if there was blood. Now, the new establishment hopes to change the view of events with an eye to bringing back both “sports” to the area.

Ryan Helfenbein, the spokesman for the Kentucky Public Protection Cabinet, told Inside Louisville (via email) that the cut rule, “prevented certain wrestling promoters from bringing major wrestling events (and economic development opportunities) to the Commonwealth, for fear that a live television event would be stopped.”

Since WWE has become a PG-13 show, the use of blood has been very rare and should fall under the guidelines set by Helfenbein’s Cabinet. There have been incidents recently, involving Brock Lesnar, where he has cut his opponents in the ring (John Cena in 2012 and Randy Orton at SumerSlam) or he has been cut himself.

The rules established were created to cover both Boxing and MMA. There was no determination of distinguishing one over the other. There is no mention of professional wrestling in the comments he made. The new rules will be in place for the protection and safety of those who get in the ring.

“The proposed regulation provides that blood will not stop a match if the contestant has submitted a blood test to prove that he or she is negative of certain major diseases,” Helfenbein added.

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