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WWE News: Stephanie McMahon humiliates Mick Foley on Monday Night RAW

It wasn't a good day at the office for Mick Foley as things spiralled out of control once again on RAW.

News 28 Feb 2017, 11:23 IST
Foley was berated constantly on the last episode of Raw

What’s the story?

WWE Chief Brand Officer and Commissioner of Monday Night RAW Stephanie McMahon had some harsh words for RAW GM Mick Foley. Stephanie rebuked Mick Foley for losing touch with his job as the RAW General Manager and said that he had transformed from a man who could stand up to anyone to a man who couldn't stand at all.

She also said that he has become weaker ever since her husband ended her career. 

In case you didn’t know...

Last night marked the anniversary of Mick Foley’s last match in the WWE. Foley had lost to Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match on February 27, 2000, at the No Way Out pay per view. Foley took a huge bump falling through the Cell into the ring.

This was supposed to be Foley’s retirement match, and it ended his career as a performer in the WWE.

The heart of the matter

In a backstage segment on RAW, Stephanie walked up to Mick Foley and told him that she wanted to apologise. She recounted all of Foley’s achievements inside the ring before saying that the version of Foley that achieved all those laurels was long gone.

She reminded Foley of the events that had transpired on the same night seventeen years ago and pointed out that Triple H has only become stronger in that span of time. Stephanie went on to further insult Foley by saying that he had fallen from grace a long time ago.

She pointed out that he was a shadow of the wrestling legend that he used to be.

What’s next?

Mick Foley has hinted at leaving the General Manager position a couple of times in the past, but there are no actual reports of any such development. However, it is known Foley will have to have a surgery soon and this could be the build-up to his hiatus.

Foley has been evaluated for his performance in the past, and this trend will continue as long as Stephanie remains the authoritative and vindictive commissioner of Monday Night RAW.

Sportskeeda's take

Stephanie’s sharp words cut through the air like a knife silencing the crowd at the arena. This insult is another episode in what has been a roller coaster of a ride for Mick Foley as the RAW General Manager.

Foley has often been ridiculed for not carrying out his duties as General Manager effectively, but Stephanie’s harsh words took things to a different level altogether.

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