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WWE News: Stephanie McMahon recalls Linda warning Vince before 'I Quit' match at No Mercy 2003

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Stephanie vs Vince at No Mercy 2003
Stephanie vs Vince at No Mercy 2003

WWE's Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon recently sat down with FS1's First Things First, and revealed an interesting bit from her 'I Quit' Match against Vince McMahon at No Mercy 2003.

Vince's rivalry with Stephanie and Linda McMahon

Back in 2003, Mr. McMahon aligned with Sable and kicked off a rivalry with his daughter Stephanie and wife Linda McMahon. The feud saw Mr. McMahon getting genuine heel reactions from the crowd, who couldn't believe that he would go to such lengths to hurt his family.

The rivalry culminated in an 'I Quit Match' at the No Mercy PPV in 2003. The match ended with Mr. McMahon defeating Stephanie and leaving his family distraught in the ring. This match took place six days before Stephanie's real-life wedding with current WWE EVP Triple H. Stephanie was the SmackDown General Manager at the time and this match wrote her off TV. She wouldn't come back for around two years after this match.

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Linda warns Vince

While talking about her career highlights, Stephanie mentioned this match against her father, and shared an interesting tidbit from the time. She stated that her mother Linda was worried about the match and was mad at her husband. She warned Mr. McMahon to not hurt her during the bout.

"Oh my goodness. Well, I did have to wrestle my father in what may be the first-ever father - daughter match, six days before my actual wedding," she recalled. "So that's an interesting moment. My mom was so mad at my dad. She said, 'If you give her a black eye, if she gets a black eye before her wedding, I'm going to kill you.' So that was a very interesting moment."

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