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WWE News: Steve Austin on what he really used to say during entrances

Johny Payne
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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin has always been a great trash-talker
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin has always been a great trash-talker

What’s the story?

On a recent edition of his podcast The Steve Austin Show, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin revealed what he really used to say during his entrances.

Responding to a fan’s question as to whether he was simply mouthing gibberish, Austin asserted that he was constantly uttering profanity-laced one-liners while walking down to the ramp back in the day.

In case you didn’t know…

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, and got over with the fans primarily owing to his larger-than-life personality and badass gimmick.

Austin was almost always seen speaking to himself during his entrances, with most of his talk being relatively difficult to correctly decipher.

The heart of the matter

Perhaps one of the hottest topics of debate in the professional wrestling community over the years has been speculation regarding what Steve Austin really says while making his way to the ring.

Upon being probed by a fan as to whether he was just speaking mumbo-jumbo during his entrances, Austin refuted the fan’s theory and said the following (H/T: Still Real To Us): “It was never gibberish, man, I was talking s**t the whole way down—‘yeah, that’s right motherf**ker!’ It was just a constant stream of F-bombs; ‘yeah, that’s right motherf*****; I’m about to tear this motherf*****’s ass!’”

“It was just that; it was sentences; and like I said earlier in the podcast how Ric Flair just believed and was living that character, hey man when I was in that world, and I was in and the zone, that wasn’t no psych job. I wasn’t trying to psych myself up.”

Furthermore, Austin explained that he truly walked to the ring as "Stone Cold", the legitimate badass sending a message to the opponent that he is going to get whipped in the ring.

What’s next?

Steve Austin presently pursues a career in Hollywood and is fairly successful in that spectrum of the entertainment world as well.

Author’s take

Austin truly is one of the all-time greats in this sport and his understanding of this business is so profound that it truly puts some of the newer performers to shame, who simply go through the motions rather than truly believing in their gimmick.         

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