WWE News: Steve Austin reveals what's wrong with Braun Strowman's character

Austin had some strong words for Braun Strowman
Austin had some strong words for Braun Strowman

What's the story?

Stone Cold Steve Austin had some words of advice for the current crop of WWE talent in his latest podcast.

The superstars he addressed were Nakamura, Strowman and Rollins. Austin had tricks and tips for each one of them to get over and elevate their characters to the very next level.

In case you didn't know...

Stone Cold Steve Austin is perhaps the most successful professional wrestler of all time. He was the face of WWE's Attitude Era, leading the charge against WCW who were dominating the Monday Night Wars.

Since his retirement, he's made sporadic appearances for the company in various roles and capacities. He was last seen at RAW 25 in a special segment with his nemesis, Mr. McMahon. Austin keeps up the current product and weighed in on the new lot of stars, in his Podcast.

The heart of the matter

Stone Cold said that he would tone back in comedy in Nakamura and ask Rollins to reduce his high spots. The severest criticism was however reserved for Braun Strowman: (H/T NoDQ for the transcript)

You’ve got to be careful with what you do with Braun Strowman….dude, you’re Alpha. If you don’t get out there and work and act like Alpha every time you get into the ring, you play Beta or second to anybody, you’re going to start losing your mystique or power.

Stone Cold would then criticize WWE for booking Strowman in comedy segments and sequences:

I don’t need to see a 6’8″ 330 pound guy make me laugh, make me smile, bring any warmth to my body – I want to see him go out there and destroy and crush people because he’s capable of doing it and because his desire for the gold belt is so great that’s what drives him…

What's next?

Braun Strowman is seemingly without direction right now. Yes, he's qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match. However, he hasn't been booked in a real feud in quite some time.

Author's take

I agree with Stone Cold. It's hard to take Strowman seriously considering how he's been booked.

If you say he's the 'Monster Among Men', WWE, then please book him like one!

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