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WWE News: Steve Austin reveals who gave the 'Stunner' its name, whose idea the 'Smoking Skull' belt was and more

'The Texas Rattlesnake' also expressed his pleasure over the 'diva' term being dropped by the WWE.

The ‘Smoking Skull’ belt added more sting to Austin’s ‘Stone Cold’ persona

Legendary WWE performer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’ recently carried out a Q&A session on The Steve Austin Show where he discussed a variety of topics including where the name ‘Stunner’ came from, who gave the idea for a ‘Smoking Skull’ belt and why he is happy with the ‘diva’ term being dropped.

About the ‘Smoking Skull’ championship belt that was specially designed for him in the late 1990s, Austin said that The Road Warriors, Animal and Hawk, were the ones who called him and told him that he should have his own belt because he was Stone Cold Steve Austin. The former WWF champion said:

“Yeah, the [prior] belt, I didn't like. The idea for the 'Smoking Skull' belt was The Road Warriors, Animal and Hawk. They called me over and said, 'hey Steve, you know you're 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. You ought to have your own belt.' That was The Road Warriors' idea and I give them credit for it.”

During the session, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that he was not the one who came up with all the fancy nicknames that he had and instead credited commentator Jim Ross for conjuring them up. According to him, even the name for his finishing move, the ‘Stunner’, was conceived by Ross.

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‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ added that he will always remain grateful to Good Ol’ JR for helping his ‘Stone Cold’ persona reach unprecedented heights. Here is what Austin had to say:

“As far as JR calling me all those cool nicknames he called me, that was just him being the best commentator in the history of pro wrestling. And he made all that stuff up on the fly. And I would never think, 'hey JR, going out tonight, can you call me 'The Texas Rattlesnake'?'

Hell, they came up with the name for the 'Stone Cold' Stunner. I didn't. I didn't like it at first, actually, but it worked. And, boy, did it have a ring to it. It was effective and I'm glad it turned out that way. But JR was simply shooting from the hip and making up those nicknames on the fly. And I am eternally indebted to him for his commentary and him helping to get the 'Stone Cold' persona over the way he did.”

On the show, Steve Austin was also seen explaining to his wife Kristin about the term ‘diva’ no longer being used. He told her that women in the WWE are referred to as ‘superstars’ now just like their male counterparts and he is extremely pleased about this fact.

“They're not divas anymore. Now the women are Superstars. No, no, no, there [has] been a whole women's movement. I mean, the women's wrestling scene has evolved tremendously. I was so glad when they dropped the 'divas' moniker because, man, I'll tell you what, they have spun up and they have some talented women down there. So, no, they're WWE Superstars just like the guys. The [term] 'diva' no longer exists,” said the iconic WWE superstar.

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