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WWE News: Steve Austin Talks About Why Goldberg’s First WWE Run ‘Went Wrong’

2.53K   //    18 Nov 2016, 12:54 IST
Stone Cold Steve Austin feels WWE is handling Goldberg’s return pretty well

WWE has taken great care to make Goldberg’s return to the company as emphatic as possible. And they have done a pretty good job of it. WWE are aware of the mistakes that they made last time, that resulted in Goldberg’s first run with the company to fizzle out.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was on PWTorch Livecast speaking about why Goldberg’s first run with the company failed to have the desired impact.

Stone Cold was of the view that Goldberg was somehow unable to translate his popularity in the WCW into the WWE. He felt that during the mid-2000s the landscape of the WWE was changing rapidly and Goldberg seemed to get lost in the shuffle.

He was coming off being paid by WCW, had a great deal over there, he was super super over in WCW. The window already closed, I was getting ready to get out of there, so Stone Cold vs. Goldberg never happened. All of these years that go by, because he was so over in WCW, he gets in the big leagues, whether it was the writing or he didn’t really fit the system for whatever reasons, when he got back in the ring, and that crowd started going ‘Goldberg,’ he had tears in his eyes.”

Goldberg’s last match at WrestleMania XX against Lesnar was a debacle. Both guys were on the verge of leaving the company and the crowd didn’t seem interested in the match. The two men also didn’t put in anything extra into the match to make it a spectacle.

Even the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin as a special guest referee, could not save the match from a chorus of boos. However, the crowd at Madison Square Garden did go up in cheers as Stone Cold laid out both men with Stunners in the middle of the ring after the match.

Stone Cold pointed out, that this time around, Goldberg looked more intense than ever. It was a good sign that the crowd looked vested in the rivalry and Goldberg drew raw emotions from them, which was evident during his return when he broke into tears.

Austin acknowledged the fact that Goldberg was not particularly known for his promos or mic skills but maintained that the segment on Monday Night RAW on October 24 was as real as it gets. 

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