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WWE News: Stolen wrestling ring recovered in Alabama

Harald Math
1.27K   //    06 Oct 2017, 14:35 IST

The ring was found in a warehouse in Hanceville [photo by]
The ring was found in a warehouse in Hanceville [photo by]

What's the story?

A stolen professional wrestling ring has been recovered in Alabama, USA. The ring was found in a warehouse near Hanceville and has been returned to its rightful owner. The total value of the ring in question (and the barricades stolen with it) is thought to be around $25,000.

In case you didn't know

What is professional wrestling without the squared circle? The ring is the stage on which the men and women perform their art, the podium that plays host to good doing battle with evil in a show of physical prowess and creative storytelling.

A ring is often the first thing that any prospective independent wrestling promotion will need to acquire, and the squared circle doesn't come cheap. Rings are thought to cost somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000, although cheaper variants can be found. The cheaper versions are almost always dangerous, however.

The heart of the matter

The ring, along with the turnbuckles, ropes and accompanying barricades, was recovered from a warehouse in Hanceville, Alabama, following a tip-off from a citizen. A local policeman posed as a potential renter of the ring in order to confirm the suspicion, before moving in and making the arrest.

The thief immediately confessed to the crime, claiming that he took it because he didn't think anyone would notice that it was missing. He could face charges of Theft of Property and Receiving Stolen Property, both in the first degree.

The Sheriff's department was unwilling to return to the ring to its rightful owner, stating that it was the responsibility of the victim to retrieve their lost property. The mayor and chief of police promptly stepped in and drove it back to Walker County.

What's next?

Little extra information is known about the ring and whether or not it is used for a promotion in the area, or whether it is simply the personal property of a professional wrestling fan. Either way, the criminal was caught and justice will be served promptly.

Author's take

Is there a pro wrestling fan who hasn't dreamt of owning their own professional wrestling ring? Whilst most wouldn't go so far as to steal one in order to make that dream come true, many fans would have closed their eyes and imagined a squared circle in their backyard.

The thief's claim that he didn't think anyone would notice the missing ring is preposterous, but then people often say ridiculous things when in sticky situations. The USA currently has bigger problems of course.

Harald Math
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